Batman's Ears: Long Or Short?

Sometimes I like it when artists draw Batman's ears long. But, then, other times, I like it when the Dark Knight's cowl is rendered with shorter ears. What about you guys?

I got to thinking about Batman's homage to his winged friends' soundholes when #BestSpideyEye popped up in my Twitter feed again. Like giant or squinty Spidey eyes, each Bat-ear style has its advantages. Pointy ears that stretch way past the top of Batman's head play into the scare-the-crap-outta-fools demonic mindfuck vibe that Bruce Wayne like to throw off.

Kelley Jones, of course.

Shorter ears read as more pugnacious and dogged to me, evoking more realism in some counterintuitive process in my brain.

Well, sort of realistic anyway.


    I vote for long, but not as long as that Kelley Jones.

    When they're too short they remind Mr of those weird folded ear cats.

    And daredevil.

      I find that its dependent on the rest of his look at the time.

      Last edited 26/08/16 7:54 am

    Jim Aparo length is best. Long but not to the point of being silly. In terms of film, Michael Keaton's Batman had the right ear length.

    Depends on the artist, I can't really think of any Batman comics I've read where I haven't been satisfied with the ear length. Longer works in some stories/art styles while it doesn't work in others.

    Totally agree I believe Michael Keatons Batman ears were perfect! I love Ben Afflecks Batman costume it is awesome but those tiny little ears I can't stand. They need more length!

    Stubby short or ridiculously long, no in between.

    Doesn't matter as long as he has nipples

    Long when he's young and lean, short when he's old and buff

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