Blizzard Confirms Overwatch Aim Assist Bug, Will Be Fixed Next Patch

Image: Blizzard

No, Overwatch console players, you're not going mad. There is definitely something wrong with the game's aim assist that's transformed it from hero to mischievous villain. Thankfully, Blizzard is on the case, though you'll need to wait for the fix.

After a few threads popped up on Blizzard's official forums for Overwatch, along with videos highlighting the problem, players finally received a response from game director Jeff Kaplan:

We'll look into this. Thank you for posting.

This was shortly followed up by the game's lead engineer, Tim Ford:

Hi everyone. Thank you all for gathering data on this issue. We've identified the defect and a fix will be available with the next console patch.

If you're not sure how the aim assist bug presents itself, a user by the name of "Nuitch" has a good explanation:

TL; DR: I found an error in the aim assist that basically switches corrections for up and down (I will go into more depth) so when somebody moves up your aim moves down and vice versa. ... What actually is wrong: There are three types of auto aim in Overwatch, strafe lock-in (aim stays on a person when you move sideways), sticky aim, and vertical correction. Vertical corrections (up and down) are switched, so like I had said before when it is supposed to look up it goes down. The implications of this are huge because auto aim becomes auto miss and head shots are nearly impossible.

Of course, nothing quite beats visuals, so here's a clip from one "DrKid" that will annoy you just by watching it:

Aim Assist Broken on Console (Video Evidence) []


    Man they really screwed up aim assist in this game for consoles. What they should be focusing on is bullet magnetism.

      Why not just have no aim assist? Sure, it would show how bad people are, but then, if everyone was bad, what is the problem? If I miss a shot on PC, it is because I missed, my world doesn't end or anything. As far as I am aware, it isn't cross platform when matchmaking, so you wouldn't be coming up against m+kb while playing your consoles.

      That would be so awesome. You could bend bullets like Wanted from a well covered area.

    I suppose there's comfort in the fact that a vastly successful game is likely to have fixes applied quickly.

    Last edited 21/08/16 3:10 pm

    Ahhh you console kiddies are always good for a laugh.

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