Blizzard Pulls Terrible Hearthstone Card From Arena After Fan Outcry

Priests are a little underpowered in Hearthstone right now, and have been for a while. So it's no surprise that fans got a little mad when Blizzard showed off Purify, a terrible new card that will be added to the game tomorrow with the adventure pack One Night in Karazhan. Image via Hearthpwn

Purify, which costs two mana, silences one of your minions and then lets you draw a card. It's not great. And given that the Hearthstone community widely sees Priest as the weakest class in the game right now — especially in the randomising Arena mode — it wasn't exactly the best card for Blizzard to show off while advertising the new Karazhan adventure.

After widespread fan outcry, Hearthstone lead designer Ben Brode took to YouTube to make a video about the Purify card. "I think we really misread the community sentiment going into the reveal," he said, noting that they probably should have shown off some of the Priest's stronger Karazhan cards instead. Brode added that the company is working on some long-term solutions to help balance Arena, but for now, Purify won't be part of it. You can watch his full video here:

Most Hearthstone players think there's a lot of work to do before Priest is really fixed, but it's nice to see Brode being so open and honest with the community.


    It is a terrible card for arena, but I'd use it in standard on my corrupted healbot.

      Yeah, was going to say, silencing friendlies is a common tactic for anything with a negative deathrattle. The druid creature card that gives you a mana crystal on battlecry and takes it away on deathrattle is a good use of a cheap silence.

      Wouldn't it be better to to run the Standard Silence spell instead?

        Zero mana silence that is flexible to use on ANY minion over a card so bad they just set a design precident of setting cards to "exclude fron Arena"

        Playing it to silence a bad minion is not a good deck build synergy.

        Mana wise yes,
        0 mana silence, but you lose card advantage in hand, limiting options.
        2 mana friendly silence and you don't lose any card advantage, is a little bit better.
        With the draw a card feature at least the card cycles another into your hand after you've silenced your corrupted healbot. Mind you that's now an 8 mana 6/6 which is trash tier compared to other 8 drops.
        The card still seems like garbage imo, it seems to be too high of a cost, or too restrictive with the friendly minion tag .

      I feel it's a perfect card for Ancient Watcher.

      It seems like it's a card that you might chuck one of into a deck and use it if the opportunity arises.

      Why not just play a Boulderfist Ogre? One extra health, one less mana, and you only have to draw one card.

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