Cities Skylines, It's Time To Burn

Cities Skylines is an amazing city building game, but destroying them? That's a SimCity thing. Or it was, until the announcement of Skylines' Natural Disasters expansion.

Cute trailer.

In terms of what it brings to the game, turns out there's more to it than just watching your world burn. There's a ton of stuff being added to Skylines (like radio broadcasts, early warning systems and evacuations) that will let you manage your way through a disaster instead of just using it for laughs.

Also, one of the possible disasters is called "the day the sky exploded". Why that wasn't the expansion's title, I don't know.

Natural Disasters will be out "this Winter".


    I remember when this was the one thing people wanted at launch, now that its here everyone is just like "Why would I want to destroy my city, this is lame"

    This should be great! It's probably been the one thing this game has been missing. Building your city is nice, but occasionally I come down with angry god syndrome...

      Vote for Mayor -
      [ Excuse the Sim City reference, but it is 2010 ]

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