Civil War II Is Getting A Delay And An Extra Issue, Just Like Secret Wars Did

Everything that has happened before will happen again. Last year, Marvel's big winter event Secret Wars had its main series bumped up an extra issue and delayed so it would actually finish after the roster reboot it was supposed to kick off began. Now, pretty much the exact same thing is happening to Civil War II. Series writer Brian Michael Bendis announced the news of the delay — effective immediately, with this week's planned issue six dropping in September instead — and the extra issue on Tumblr, and there are no nefarious reasons for the delay. In fact, it's good news for Civil War II artist David Marquez: The delay is because his wife has just given birth, giving the artist time to work on the next issue of the series (the hardest to draw, according to Bendis) while spending time with his newborn child.

The extra issue on the other hand, is because Bendis has "a better ending" planned for the series now — and just as Jonathan Hickman did for Secret Wars, he needed more pages to tell that ending. Bendis also shared a sneak peak from the sixth issue, which despite being the sixth issue in a book that is ostensibly about superheroes fighting each issue, will actually be the first time Team Tony and Team Carol actually scrap with each other:

The month delay and extra issue means that Civil War II will come to a close after this October's launch of "Marvel Now!," which is meant to have been directly impacted by the events of Civil War II, considering the tagline for the initiative is "divided we stand." Just like Secret Wars did for "All-New, All-Different", we'll be learning more and more about the new Marvel status quo before we see the climax of the event that caused it.

Civil War II #6 will now release on September 14.


    The art for CW2 is the real standout. It looks very "Marvel".

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