Cosplaying As A Character From A Game That's Not Even Out Yet

We've already seen some Horizon Zero Dawn cosplay, but here's some more, shot in one of the only places that can match the game's demo for its "giant trees and snowy mountains" look: Norway. Aloy (the character) is by Ibelinn Cosplay, while the photos are by Katrix Media Site.

Ibelinn says it took over three months to finish the costume, with the detailing on the skirt taking around 40 hours alone. The entire thing is "hand sewn and hand crafted".

And just to be clear, since this is A+++ cosplay for an unreleased video game, Ibelinn says the shoot is in no way sponsored by Sony. She, like loads of other folks, is simply in love with the character design.


    Is that really so weird or surprising? Overwatch cosplay appeared a month after the announcement trailer.

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