Daigo Umehara Joins The Fray At Sydney’s OzHadou Nationals 14

Daigo Umehara Joins The Fray At Sydney’s OzHadou Nationals 14

The OzHadou Nationals 14 are underway this weekend, as Australia’s best in the fighting game community go head to head, and also take on a few international superstars (Daigo is here!). Saturday’s pools have shown a few surprises, many close matches and also a lot of expected results across all the fighting games played on the day.

Don’t know OzHadou? Love fighting games? Check out the website and jump in, because there’s always some kind of event cooking up. You can also watch the current one unfold on the Twitch channel.

All the finals will be played today, and we’ll get back to you with those results, but here’s a recap of what went down on Day 1.


For the longest time Daigo was a no-show for his matches, as it turns out there was a miss-communication. Much to everyone’s relief, The Beast eventually showed and played his matches well.

There were some big names turning out for this event. From USA, K-Brad and his Cammy did quick work in his pool. From Taiwan, Gamerbee was dominating all opposition with Necalli and from Japan Itabashi and Daigo also made it through the winners side in their pool brackets.

Noticiable Australians were – Shang Tsung, Somniac, Falco and our own adopted Son from Hong Kong – HumanBomb, all making their way to the Top 16 ‘Final’ bracket play off.

In the top 16 we’ll be seeing some playoffs between Daigo, HumanBomb, Gamerbee and Falco all in winners bracket. In the Losers bracket we have Jiewa, Itabashi, K-Brad and Shang Tsung all battling it out for that first place trophy.

Some noticable matches / highlights of the day were Sildenafl versus Daigo in the Group C pool. A Ryu Mirror match that was a lot closer than the final score would have you believe and Itabashi versus YoungBlood (From Canberra) which ended with a final score of 2-1 in Itabashi’s favour.

Street Fighter 2: Super Turbo

Yes, this old school game still attracts a loyal and skillful group of players and it didn’t disappoint. The finals came down to ABM|KG versus the defending Champion from Canberra, Vlade, fighting his way back from losers bracket. Both players traded match for match with ABM|KG eventually taking the win in an epic battle. KG was sticking with his Balrog as Vlade quickly traded in his Zangief for Sagat after a first round loss. The matches were insanely close but KG eventually took the first place title dispatching the former champion 3-2.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

The Australians gave it their all, but K-Brad from USA took the first place. Putting Arnod Desu into the losers bracket 3-0, Desu fought hard and made his way through the losers bracket to try and dispatch the American and even though matches were incredibly close, K-Brad showed his true professionalism and took the first place title 3-2.

That’s it for Day 1, stay tuned for the finals results!