Dawn Of War 3 Is Looking Really Smooth

Dawn Of War 3 Is Looking Really Smooth

Regular readers will know that I’m a bit of a fan of Relic’s Dawn of War series. I only recently finished playthroughs of Dawn of War 2 and the first expansion, Chaos Rising, and if it wasn’t for certain games I’d probably still be pushing forward with the originals. Which is all a very long way of saying that the Dawn of War series is fantastic, and there’s a sequel coming out next year. Which is looking pretty good.

A whole bunch of footage appears to have just come off embargo, with certain outlets and influencers posting footage earlier this morning. Eurogamer has 20 minutes of fairly clean footage of one mission featuring Gabriel Angelos, chapter leader of the Blood Ravens and a figure fans will remember from previous campaigns.

The game is obviously in need of an asset pass or two, as can be seen by the lack of detail in the ground. But it’s good to get a better understanding of how the game flows, and where Relic thinks strategy games should be going in 2017.

There’s obviously a focus on making things more readable, although the screen is still very busy. The units have more of a stylised look and they’re more recognisable, but that might change when all the final asset passes are done.

Either way, I’m looking forward to a modern spin on Dawn of War. I don’t know how I feel about the focus on picking Elite units — it’s a bit MOBA-esque — but we’ll undoubtedly know more as the year rolls out.


  • I donโ€™t know how I feel about the focus on picking Elite units โ€” itโ€™s a bit MOBA-esque…

    God. Dammit.

    Trying to be a MOBA’esque tactics game was what turned me off the franchise with DoW 2.

        • OK so I went full YouTube commenter and jumped into the comments without actually watching the video.

          Now I have watched it… and to be honest, I don’t mind their decision. I think it’s pretty similar to Warcraft 3 – there’s a range of heroes / big-ass units, but you only get to pick a small number of them. Having to pick them before the game leaves less room for adaptability, so I’m hoping they change it so that you just have a cap on the number of units but you can pick any of them throughout the game.

          I think the comparison to MOBAs is drawing a long bow – the best comparison is to the actual tabletop game, where you pick your units before each battle. This isn’t to the same extent, but it’s nice that they’re giving it some of the tabletop flavour.

          Jump to 15:20 for a discussion of how the elite point system works.

          • I got the Warcraft 3 vibe as well from this. All in all, I’m interested to see where this will go on the full release. I’ll most likely will be getting this once it’s confirmed that it runs well, but Relic have been pretty amazing with all the DoW games so I’m expecting this to be just as good. From the video it does look like it’ll run well for my PC ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yeah I wasn’t a fan of DoW 2 despite *loving* the original game. They dumbed it down way too much.

      But still all of the footage that’s been released of DoW 3 is of the single player campaigns. We’re still yet to see anything about the multiplayer, but from what I’m hearing at least, they are making a bit more of an effort to return to the root gameplay of the original for that. We’ll need to wait and see when we are actually shown multiplayer footage I guess (most are believing it’ll be at TGS).

  • If it doesn’t have Tau or Nids at launch it’s a no buy for me. Sick of getting just Space Marines vs Orks vs Eldar

        • Pretty sure Transient is correct, Broadside squads would like to have a word with your tanks.

          Imperial Guard = Mum’s garage laser light show
          Tau = German drug fuelled rave (bloody stool included for extra calling cards)

          • They are hard unless you get a nice mix of infantry.

            Broadsides + Pathfinders = mass area denial that is super hard to dig out.
            Even after they were nerfed and had their cost increased broadsides made a joke out of pretty much all of the vehicles; with the exception of lucky Land Raiders, Squiggoths or Cancer’liths.

          • I was more referring to the 18 strong 5 grenade launcher toting death squads that the Imp Guard had until they were nerfed so hard they had to import sunlight in Dark Crusade. There was no counter to massed GLs at that tech level, they were long ranged, caused knockdown and were fired on the move.

  • I don’t care if it is a space marine lord, an imperial knight or hell, a great unclean one. You point 20 D-Scythes at it and fire and you are pretty much guaranteed a kill regardless of their wargear so I call bullshit on that knight vs wraiths encounter ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I saw that as well and that’s where I stopped watching. Between that and a guy in terminator armour jumping and such it’s too far removed from the Lore for me. It’s not getting much love from the 40k community either

  • Thoroughly unimpressive footage. Feels utterly lifeless and bland.

    EDIT: Should do a massive sneaky and introduce Squats back in as a hidden race.

  • Y’all fools a crazy. DoW2 was way better then Dawn of select all attack move to win War. (I really like DoW 2 even when they patched Nids and rekt my beloved warriors)

    Also this new art style is growing on me. Largely cause the models look like models to me. So it’s like tabletop come to life. Still would appreciate more clutter in the actual terrain though.

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