Designing A Better Pokemon GO

Like many of us, Wendy Borg has a few issues with Pokemon GO's user interface and menu design. Unlike us, she went ahead and did something about it.

A professional UI/UX designer, she's gone in and redesigned almost the entire game (on paper), adding functionality where it's needed, cleaning things up and just generally making it look more like a commercial juggernaut and less like a cheap flash game.

It's easy to come in over the top of someone else's game and pick flaws, as opposed to designing one from the ground up and working with practical limitations, but still. I like Borg's work here a lot more than the game we've currently got, and a lot of these changes and tweaks seem less like fan dreaming and more like some expected conveniences. Maybe this is the kind of thing we can expect in a sequel?

You can see the full pitch on her Behance page.


    The colour palette is all over the place, especially the heavy black areas/strokes which doesn't fit at all. There's a few design elements and fonts/font treatments that only pop up once, which is lazy and not thought out.. There's a weird mix of styles too, the anime images/models that are really colourful, compared to the minimal/flat design, which doesn't really mesh. The prompt that comes up directly over both characters in battle is horrible, and why does it have to be so dark and heavy? Surely there's a way to work in a slightly better menu for attacks/actions and still keep a similar format while not covering the action ala the original game/s.

    Seems like it's just a slight tweak of the existing interface (with things that don't really make sense or help functionality), with some added graphics for bits in between or transitioning and a map that looks borrowed straight from the original game/s, not really a proper redesign. But hey she got an article written about her so I guess there's that.

      You honestly sound like you have no idea what you're talking about, it's the equivalent of a mock-up, good job contributing nothing bozo.

    If the add mass recycling I'll be happy. Cut down massively on the time I need to spend getting rid of all the duplicates after a run.

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