Destiny Fans Raise $650,000 During Charity Stream

Destiny fans raised over half a million dollars this week for the St Jude Children's Hospital, thanks to a marathon full of streamers who encouraged fans to donate while they sweated it out in the Crucible. The stream, which was planned as a lead-in to the Destiny Community Con in Tampa, Florida this weekend, was organised by a handful of popular Destiny streamers including Gothalion and Broman. Their goal was to raise $US200,000 ($262,613), which they cleared yesterday by a long shot, capping out at over $US500,000 ($656,532) for the week thanks to fans and members of Bungie, who donated significant amounts during the final stretch. (Bungie CEO Pete Parsons gave $US2000 [$2626].)

One thing people don't often realise about Destiny: The community is pretty amazing. Even the ones who won't stop whining about raid matchmaking.


    Incredible. That is a phenomenal amount of money to raise!

    it would be nice if the people that raised it actually took it to places in need instead of giving it to the scam company tax avoiders

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