Destiny's Exclusive Content Is Staying Exclusive For A While Longer

Image: Bungie/Destiny

If you're that rare breed of gamer who is dedicated to Destiny on the Xbox One, you deserve some credit. It's been a hard slog, and being shut out of exclusive content can't have been fun. But I have some bad news for you — if you were hoping to finally get access to some of the timed exclusives from The Taken King, you'll have to wait a little longer.

Bungie's community manager, David Dague, confirmed in an interview at GamesCom that the timed exclusive content for The Taken King would come to Xbox One in "fall 2017". At the very least that translates to the Australian autumn, but given how the northern hemisphere talks about seasons it's more likely that we're look at spring. That's also the same window when Destiny 2 is expected to appear on all platforms.

The confirmation follows a furore on social media following Rise of Iron and the content within that. Users noticed that the Icarus and Sector 618 maps were marked as PlayStation 4 exclusives, as well as the Echo Chamber strike and an exclusive quest.

Sector 618 and Echo Chamber, as well as the quest, a Sparrow and an armour set, were originally released for The Taken King. Fans on Xbox One were hoping they'd get a taste of that some time this year, but Bungie has now confirmed that content is staying Sony-exclusive until next year, which is really galling for those who have been with Destiny on Xbox from the beginning.

The question is: who made the decision to extend the exclusive content? There's always the possibility that the decision was taken out of Bungie's hands and was entirely a call between Activision and Sony. That's entirely speculation, of course.

Either way, it sucks for Xbox fans of Destiny, and anyone who hates the concept of timed exclusives. I've also reached out to Activision for confirmation on the timing for Australians, and I'll update the post if and when they respond.


    The question is: who made the decision to extend the exclusive content? There’s always the possibility that the decision was taken out of Bungie’s hands and was entirely a call between Activision and Bungie. That’s entirely speculation, of course

    I'm guessing you mean Activision and Sony. I'd say it's pretty likely. Destiny is in that year two MMORPG phase where they're compromising to make up for the fact they're not raking in the cash like they expected they would. They've got people on their back because of the money already tied up in it and they've got the developers insisting that this can still work.

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      Yeah, you're right. Thanks for bringing that up, I'll fix it now.

    This is BS what the hell are we going to do with 2 year old exclusive loot when Destiny 2 comes out?!

    We will have probably hundreds of new weapons and armour by then thsese guys are brain dead.

    Wow, that's a dick move.

    As a PS player I felt pretty bad for Xbox players.
    Partly because they got screwed on content, but mostly because that content was so bloody lame.

    Activision: Money... mmmmm, I Iike money.
    Sony: Mmmmm, I like money too. We should hang out.

    I'm not completely up to date with all the contractual stuff here so feel free to correct me if i've missed something, but surely the other option that hasn't been mentioned is simply that the exclusive content which was signed to Sony at the start had an expiry date on it and it was always going to be fall 2017 from the very beginning? Are we sure this is this an extension to the original deal or is it just the first time we've found out when it will be available on Xbone?

    Even as someone that plays Destiny on PS4, this is still a bit much.

    I disagree with timed exclusivity in general, but sure, if it's something like a DLC pack and it's a one month timed exclusive, then alright.

    But a whole year is crazy.

    It's like when Microsoft got timed exclusivity on Rise of the Tomb Raider, and CD wouldn't even say how long it was for.

    WTF??? Nearly preordered the new xpack for my partner and I on Xbone yesterday. This has just made me Question if I shpuld bother - if they dont care about my platform, why support them?

      I totally agree, I think that exclusive content for games that are cross platform is just crap. I know I wont be bothering to continue paying and playing Destiny.

    As a fellow Destiny guardian fighting back the darkness on Xbox One, the timed exclusive stuff that finally became available once The Taken King was released didn't bother me.

    Hawkmoon? I don't care. I'll take The Last Word, Bad Juju or the MIDA Multi-Tool thank you very much.

    Oh, but what about that other exotic shotgun, The 4th Horseman? How about no, it's terrible.

    Well, there's a really cool strike on Mars: It's just a standard strike. You go from room and shoot stuff, then you go to a different room and shoot more stuff. Nothing truly amazing.

    Maybe some Crucible combat will interest you? I can't stand that blue map. I go to orbit whenever I get join a match on that map.

    If this timed exclusive content was actually something special, then I would be expressing major disappointment. Actually, Destiny in general has been a major disappointment.

    I really hope that someone somewhere just fucked up and meant Fall 2016.... I know its very unlikely but let me dream

    I didn't hang around long enough for the exclusive stuff to reach Xbone, after reading this I wont be picking this up either.

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