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Video: On last week's Kotaku Splitscreen, Jason and I talked a lot about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Is it more fun the second time around, and is it more rewarding if you force some limitations on yourself? (Answers: Yes and yes.) Read my full review here; find the full podcast episode here.


    Loving this game. The multiple paths and options are awesome. Still on my first play through just augmented with Hacking skills and inventory enhancements. I'm amazed that I haven't had to fight my through anything with brute force yet. The side quests almost feel like part of the main story as well.

    Its a really average game that legitimately is worse than its predecessor in the same way that Invisible war was worse than the original. Worse yet it feels like only half a game as it never hits a good stride before you end up at the end and when you do cross the line you are just left wandering in the worse possible way "what now?".

    I think the game is way over priced for what you get, makes MGSV feel like a much larger and detailed game.

    After thoughts;

    The game was wayyyy too easy on hard (I haven't done the difficulty that follows on from Hard), I only died three times during the entire game and only quick loaded a few times to see how the conversations would have changed based on my input (Allison). The issue about difficulty can pretty much be directly tied to the fact that enemies are dumb as dog shit; they will routinely let you put them down with either taser rounds or if you become lazy like I did at around the halfway point, a single AP revolver round solves pretty much every dispute instantly. Then you get to the last 30% and you get the auto shotgun and it literally becomes how many shotgun AP rounds do I need to clear every single enemy on the street?

    Was also really disappointed in the excessive amount of reused assets, pretty much every store/house in Prague is the same, they just have a little bit of extra flavour to hopefully throw you off the scent.

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      Sorry but $60 for 40 hours so far and im only at mission 9 and i fully intend to play it on the next difficulty once i unlock it, IMO not even remotely overpriced.

      Given that it sounds like you play it like a COD game im not surprised you didn't enjoy it, however playing on hard as balls and trying to be sneaky and not using any of the combat AUGs is making the game so challenging and so much fun.
      Not to mention the game looks amazing, sure they re-use textures and assets but show me a single AAA game in the last couple of years that hasn't?

      Im finding the story meshes together really nicely as well, Jensen is still a slightly bi-polar arsehole, but i like that personally.

      I have noticed some AI issue and the occasional NPC glitch, but nothing game breaking and nothing that has left me with any kind of negativity towards it.

      There was a cop who had glitched into a wall, walking on the spot and when i interacted with him he replied with "If you are asking me for directions, you are in the wrong place.", had me busting myself laughing.

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        I was running 100% stealth until Rucker and then after that got bored and decided that my sniper rifle and revolver had enough ammo to pretty much blitz the rest of the game; I was not wrong.

        Assets aren't slightly over used, in the main hub 90% of houses fall in the the category of;
        -small with left stair case down to basement
        -medium U-shaped apartment complex

        The only buildings exempt from this are story locations, which I find to be absurd because the whole map isn't that large, its like the size of down town in VtMB.

        Your play time is largely you looking at the in game books then, because even when I did all the side missions (except the early Sariff one that for some reason glitched out) I completed hard within 14 hours; which is a LOT shorter than I finished Human Revolution in.

        The story is ok, but as I said before; the game just ends.

    its a strange game, I love so many parts of it, but dont find myself being drawn into its lore and the world that much. I think it has something to do with being spoilt for open world games, but while it captures their language and the subways and other details correctly, it really doesnt capture the sheer beauty of Prague, even in a futurist way. I have never had any jaw dropping moment of vastness. The game world feels so small and blocky, I was not expecting the scale of say an Assassin Creed game but I wasnt expecting two or three block neighbourhoods.

    There is so much to love but I just find the world itself not very engaging and very old school at odds with the gameplay itself, well except that damn blue bar (even with upgrades) which never seems to do anything but run on empty. Its like I dont look forward to playing it but when I do I love it. Very strange.

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