Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's Most Annoying Quirk

I've been enjoying my time in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided so far. While I have no complaints about all the emails I can read and all the toilets I can flush, there's one thing that has been bugging me about the PC version: The space bar. On keyboard and mouse, the space bar is mapped to Adam Jensen's ability to switch from cover to cover. It's also the button you press after the load screen to enter back into the game. If you've saved while in cover, reload and press the space bar to restart, Adam dashes out of cover like a football player going for the end zone.

I'm not the only one with this problem, either:

This quirk has been the cause of more of my deaths than I'd care to admit, as my games restart with Adam rushing into the arms of the bad guys he'd gone into cover to avoid. I'm the superstitious sort, so I'd chalked it up to the Stealth Game Gods punishing me for save-scumming, but I'm glad to see I'm not alone. On the plus side, though, it's inspired me to stop quick-saving my way through levels — which, as my colleague Kirk has pointed out, has made the game a lot more fun.

Hopefully there's a fix incoming. In the meantime, if you're playing Mankind Divided on PC, be careful where you save.


    I thought this article was going to be about the single player DLC lol

    Ah, multi-purpose keys. The cause of many a death in many games. Jump, change weapons, or get into/out of cover? What could POSSIBLY GO WRONG FROM BINDING HALF A DOZEN FUCKING FUNCTIONS TO ONE CONTEXT-SENSITIVE BUTTON?!

    I fucking hate that. Console games suffer from this the most.

      The Deadpool game had one button mapped to "Short range teleport out of danger" and "Stylish execution of downed opponent which incidentally is not invulnerable".

      I'm sure you can see where this went.

      Always boggled my mind how Mass Effect 2 and 3 thought it was a good idea to put 'Sprint', 'Go to Cover' and 'Jump Over Cover Therefore Exposing Self Rambo Style' all on the same button.

      So many deaths during intense firefights...

        That awkward moment when guards chasing you in Assassin's Creed stand around wondering if they should let you finish dry-humping the wall before they stab you.

          Is it Dragon Age Inquisition that has jump and pick up item on the same button?

          Bouncing 5 times on what ends up being junk.

            Yeah, that rings a bell.

            Also: Geralt lighting candles next to crates.

              It was the source of this bug too... Press A to "talk" to NPC and also "jump" leads to.... "Moonwalk"


              Playing Witcher 3 for the first time right now... unintentionally lighting LOTS of candles at the moment.

        They got that from Gears of War and although they improved the responsiveness in subsequent Gears games the first one was absolutely horrid for roadie running when you wanted to change cover and vice versa

      This is a bit different, more a press any key to continue but the game remembering the key you pressed and then using the corresponding action once it loads.
      If there was a load screen that was "Press U to continue" and I had to press u on the loading screen to load the game it would annoy me.

      "Press X to stealthily attempt to pick pocke--oh whoops, they're suddenly out of range, now X is to detonate tactical magical nuclear explosive WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, YOU MONSTER, ALL GUARDS EVERYWHERE WILL NOW KILL YOU ON SIGHT AND ALL YOUR QUESTS ARE RUINED"

      Press Q to reneer the target unconcioud with a choke hold or quick punch to the face.

      Hold it for a micro second to long... pop out two half-metre broadswords out of your arms and perforate both his lungs.

      In MD you get the option to disable augs to avoid killing yourself... but not the option to disable lethal mods so you dont straight up murder anyone by accident :(

      I want an option to disable all lethal augs.

      This is why remappable controls should be mandatory by law in all games. Because developers can be absolutely attrocious at mapping controls sometimes...

      I especially hate when games make one of the functions cover. The whole point of using cover is to get out of/prevent dangerous situations, dont leave me at the mercy of the game's sucky controls as to whether I live or die! The amount of times I tried to dive into cover in a game and end up jumping around like a loony while the enemy AI uses me as a bullet sponge is frankly ridiculous.

    My biggest annoyance is no reflection in mirrors! What is that about? One of the first things you see in your room and its broken, what a crack up.

      Is that PC as well? I was disappointed especially as it had the "reflection" (see image painted on) of the furniture but Jensen was a vampire.

      It is so weird how even the most graphically advanced games go out of their way to avoid doing mirror/glass reflections. And have done for a long time... but not Duke 3D! Champions.

        Prototype 2 on the 360 had proper reflections of your character in puddles (a big bug bear of mine) but not on the glass surfaces of any of the skyscrapers you could run all over!

    If you save in cover, hold back and either left/right as you hit space. Saved me twice now from this bug.

    I had to deal with that in a pretty lengthy stealth sequence. It's a pretty bad oversight, here's hoping they patch it quick.

    How does this happen though? They must have people test the game first and the issue would (should) become apparent quite quickly. Does this mean it's not being properly tested?

      After reading The Trenches for a couple years, I'm pretty convinced that QA find any bug you can think of and many that you'd never have encountered in a million years, but that fixing them gets triaged by developers, and in this case, they must've decided it wouldn't affect enough people.

      Bugs in games is less the result of proper testing, and more a case of not giving two shits about the test results.

    So it is an issue for people save-scumming? Well then

      Uhm. Pretty sure save-scumming is the only way to properly play any RPG. :)

        Does that mean I'm an idiot for playing Fire Emblem Birthright to the point where a particularly spoilery event happens, and instead of reloading I smashed through the rest of the game and then restarted with a proper save game? Man I could have saved myself like 20 hours!

    The default console controls are pretty unusual too. Pressing square + L2 to holster feels both kind of visceral and understandable in a kinetic sort of sense as well as unnatural in the sense no other game does that. Gotten used to it now though.

    Nothing liable to take you out of cover for quickloading though.

      I've been using the scoped tranq gun and this hasn't really been working that well.

    Just unbind quick save and quick load - problem solved

    I had the same issue with the PS4 and the X button.

    I like the "hold E" to pick up a body but then it opens up some shitty menu screen I don't want to see.

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