Dota 2’s AR Interviews Are Just Awful

Dota 2’s AR Interviews Are Just Awful

Valve’s annual festival for all things Dota 2, The International, always provides plenty of entertainment. And every year, Valve tries to do something cool with its coverage. This year’s latest trick: augmented reality interviews with Dota 2 heroes.

Unsurprisingly, they’re awful.

Maybe one day this kind of technology will be used for something good. Maybe in the near future, a holograph of your doctor might be giving you an examination in your house or somewhere else convenient. Maybe it’ll cut down on travel.

It’ll certainly be much better than the present: Dota 2 characters repeating in-game lines while an interviewer cracks awkward jokes about erotic fan-fiction and has puddles of water appearing through his legs.

On the bright side, I no longer want to play Slark. Now I just have to learn and master the other 110 heroes. (Or 109 if Techies is off the table.)


  • That’s just Sir Action Slacks, the interviewer. These things are exactly his style and … yeah.

    On the other hand, they’ve had the panel replaced with muppets and the AR heroes in front of the panel replaced with cosplayers. They even had Purge, the analyst that breaks down specific chunks of play on his magic board a la Antony Green, present the weather.

    This has been a good year. You just have to ignore the memelords.

  • Slacks is the mememaster of goofy cringe. This is just him doing something cringeworthy on purpose. Nothing to see here

  • Please stop screwing things up Valve. Also, thanks Kotaku for the updates on TF2’s position. Realllllly appreciate it.

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