Esports Is Weird

Esports Is Weird

I’ve rewatched this video several times and I still can’t decide whether it’s incredibly clever or 90’s level of awkward. Either way, it’s definitely esports.

Part and parcel of competitive video games is the trash talking. And ahead of their semi-final clash in the upper echelon of European League of Legends competition, that’s what G2 Esports has done.

It’s a video where they tear up, stomp, and insinuate peeing on their opponents.

It’s not the first time G2 has played it up for the camera. Before the most recent split began, the team published a video showing players waving dollar bills and wearing fake golden chains. It’s part of their shtick.

It’s esports. And it’s also just a bit weird.


  • To be almost completely off topic, wouldn’t it be “Esports are weird”? Unless the title is referring to the singular entity G2 Esports, esports is a plural noun.

  • I’ve only watched it once and it’s terrible and cringe worthy. It just makes me feel bad.

    How the hell is it clever?

    • for shorts, this team was violently critiscized by most of the community, and some even called them traitors, and the clever thing is they assumed their villain image, plus this is a parody of a cringy video named eulsc is everywhere

  • I had a feeling that it must be League team that it’s advertising for, sure enough i was right =P

    Is it bad that i want that minute back? haha

  • Nah, they’re just pretending to act like jerks and pretending it’s cool to do so. Nothing clever here.

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