Fans Are Bringing GoldenEye's Multiplayer Back

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I'll never forget how one of the best family holidays I ever had was all thanks to GoldenEye 007. I don't think our parents were thrilled at my brother and I turning our retreat into an N64 lovefest of Bond and golden guns, but bugger it. GoldenEye was the best.

And guess what? It's being brought back, or at least the multiplayer is, thanks to some dedicated fans.

It's called GoldenEye: Source, which much pretty explains what we're dealing with. It's a total conversion for Half-Life 2, designed to bring back what the makers are calling "the first best multiplayer first-person shooter ever made". It was certainly the first best shooter on consoles for my money, and it was as much fun as anything I played on PC.

Anyway, version 5.0 of the mod has just been released in the last couple of days. It's the first major release for the mod since November 2013, with the project having been in the works for eight years.

That's a hell of a long time to spend working on a property that could get nuked by the owner of the IP at any point.

Oh and one other thing: you don't actually need to own Half-Life 2 to get started. Everything you'll is on the ModDB page, so if you're looking for something free to play until No Man's Sky unlocks tomorrow morning, a fan-made dose of nostalgia might just be the trick.


    First off, Perfect Dark was everything Goldeneye was only better.

    B. I'm keen to check this out.

    7. I hope they incorporate some of PD's improvements.

    And comment part the finale: Dippaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      Perfect dark was everything but James Bond. It never had that cool Bond superspy factor at that time. Great game sure but it wasnt quite Bond. Sorry :)

        Multiplayer had bond-a-likes though.

        I can understand if your such a big bond fan that the single player didn't tickle your fancy quite as much. But multi was just the same but bigger & bettererer

          Goldeneye was a big "all the right things at the right time" lightning in a bottle sort of thing. People hadnt experienced competitive multiplayer like that on a console at that time, especially on the back of so many disappointing licensed games. A new movie series (granted a few years before) still fresh, etc. Perfect Dark came later but Bond came at the perfect time. Then theres those fuckers who insisted on using oddjob...

            Oddjob users had the Maians, Jaws users had Mr Blonde :p

            And imo PD always felt even more espionagey than GE.

            Don't disagree with any of this. Just want the improvements PD brought.

              Oh yeh for sure and NONE of the insanely heinous drawbacks the game PD-Zero brought lol

                Fuck yes, fuck that fucking abomination

                  Heh I remember buying that day one.

                  Popped it in. Played for 30 minutes.

                  Walked back to EB and asked to exchange it. Fucking awful game.

                Thankfully I played it at a friend's

      V5's big thing is it feels a lot less like Half Life, and more like Goldeneye in its movement and gunfights.

      Pity Perfect Dark Source died an inglorious death though.

    wow 5.0!
    This is deff a fun LAN game, been entertaining me and my friends since v0.8

    Everyone I knew back in the day had Golden eye, I only knew one kid who had Perfect Dark, fun game though we always ended up playing Golden Eye instead.

    Just a better game overall.

    Last edited 12/08/16 2:11 pm

    Last time I played this a would have been 2010, I remember it being fun but not actually feeling very Goldeneye. Will have to check the update out.

    will the game recognise my 4 N64 USB controllers i got from china?

    At first I thought this article would be about a new goldeneye mod, not a really old one thats still supported. I remember playing the first release in..08? Seems longer ago than that to me but the article says its only 8yrs old so I have to assume that's correct.

    Had none of the charm of playing 4p split screen circa 98, but then nothing does.

    Last edited 13/08/16 10:57 pm

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