Fans Building New Halo Game On PC

Fans Building New Halo Game On PC

A group of over 30 Halo fans from around the world, fed up with the limited options available to them on the PC, have decided to make their own multiplayer Halo experience.

It’s called Installation 01, and their goal is “to recreate the multiplayer experience of the Halo games, and for gamers to enjoy an amazing Halo experience world-wide on Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers”.

In terms of the potential of this getting shut down by Microsoft, in addition to it being a free, fan-made game the team also claim, “Our work is completely legal. We are carefully following the rules set forth in Microsoft’s Game Content Usage Rules. No content in our game has been ‘ripped’, it’s all handmade by our team.”

I dig how they’re not just building the assets from scratch (the game is being made in Unity), but building some of their own maps too.

There’s a multiplayer test scheduled for November, with the ultimate plan to add some singleplayer content down the line as well.

You can follow Installation 01’s progress at their Facebook page.

Oh, and if this story brought back memories of the last time we told you about a Halo game being made for the PC, Project Contingency, that’s still being worked on! And is looking very nice.


  • This is so getting shutdown by the end of the week.

    I like how they think its legal to make their own assets from scratch is fine… Its copyrighted material in the same medium its protected in so any recreation is therefore an issue.

  • Looks pretty darn nice. imagine how good 343i could make a halo game look if they just made it for PC and didn’t have to worry about consoles, i mean halo 5 looks pretty fantastic already so imagine if they were designing that for computers that are twice as powerful or more than the xbox one.
    I hope to baby jesus that halo 6 comes out on PC even if that does mean i get destroyed in multiplayer because i cant use a M+KB in games even if my life depended on it.

    • graphically it looks nice, but I’ve really hated the design direction since Halo 4. The Spartans just look like generic Space Marines now, they’ve lost a lot of what made them unique.

      • Hmm, cant say i agree with you they feel pretty much the same to me, just more of them and some of my favourites have come from halo 4 and 5.
        It could be because they added so many more and some of them really aren’t that great, i cant imagine it would be easy to design 100 armours that look different enough to each other while still actually looking good so some of them have just ended up not very cool.
        And really what made the spartans unique to me was the story they were in not the armour (how different can you really make it look from other armour wearing guys anyway).

        I’d like to hear what you think about the new ones make it feel any less unique than the old ones though.

        • The Spartan II armours from 1,2,3 and the Spartan III armours Reach all had this rather unique, square edged sort of look about them. In Halo 4 they added heaps more “detail” and curved lines to the chief’s armour and all the Spartan III armours began to look like generic nano-suits from Crysis. The designs also began to look far to “busy” with some many little details tacked on that weren’t really needed.

          • There are still lots that have that square edge look, its just that there are also lots that don’t. i like some of the armours from each and hate some from each for me neither is any more ‘spartan-y’ than the other.

            Yeah i don’t really like that they changed chiefs armour, i mean it looks good still but they could have just kept it the same looking (design wise) and upgraded the graphics like they had every other halo game.

            I feel like the extra details were because with the new hardware of each console they could make them look more detailed, also from the fact that every game (even when bungie was making halo) the armours were getting more advanced/less simple looking in design i feel like thats always what they wanted them to be anyway.

            Also it has a story reason which makes sense to me, the chief and the spartan 2s all had more simple looking armour because it was all the first generation stuff they hadn’t yet made custom versions of mjolnir armour (in any large quantity), and there was only 35-ish spartans (can never remember, especially when they have some that may or may not have been counted in that number) so they didn’t really need to design a ton of different armours. Whereas with the spartan 4s there are 300-500 hundred of them they actually have certain groups that are trained for specific missions which is why they have all different types of armour that are specialised for what ever type of mission thy are going on.

            Sorry if that last paragraph is too much i’m not sure if you are someone that just played the games or is into the other parts of the halo universe. Which is another reason why i dont mind the different looking amours because a big part of what i like about halo is the whole connected universe/lore/story all the different medias they have produced (i have read all 20 or so books, 50 comic books, all games, all movie/videos etc) so if it has a story reason its cool to me. Thats also the reason Halo 5 is probably my favourite (discounting the 100000000hours i spent playing halo 3 multiplayer with my brother because i doubt any game will beat that) because they introduced more characters from the books (Linda = best spartan, Kelly = second best spartan).

            Sorry for my rambings, dont feel like you have to respond, because i know i wrote a lot of crap there haha.

          • haha nah it’s all good. I was a big Halo fan, played 1,2,3,ODST,Reach and 4, also reading all of the books right up until the Forerunner ones. I didn’t like the direction for 4 at all, the story was just bad, thought the art style changed too much, the sounds got lame, and the game play went very CoD-like with QTE’s, kill cams, grenade indicators and a bunch of other unwanted things. It wasn’t Halo and since then I’ve dropped Halo but still play 1,2,3 Reach co-op from time to time.

          • In the end it was made by a different group of people with different ideas for what felt like a different audience. Wasn’t for me anymore, but I guess other people are still allowed to like it

          • Fair enough, that all certainly makes sense. I have liked where they’ve been going because i always wanted them to explain and explore the forerunners and all the crazy shit that happened back then. I know some people wanted that to stay a mystery but i like when a story has that sort of mystery for a while but then eventually explains it.

            I agree partly that the story for 4 was bad, i feel like it would have been bad (or at least made no sense) for anyone that didn’t read the forerunner books, but if you had read the forerunner books and i guess liked them at least a little the story was pretty cool. Obviously i don’t mean that everyone who read the book should love it or that if you didn’t read them you couldn’t like it but i feel that would be the reason for at least a fair few people who don’t like it.

            I agree with you that halo 4 multiplayer went too cod like with a lot of things QTEs, Killstreak rewards, and classes. (though i will say i think grenade indicator 100% makes sense story wise and dont really mind either way gameplay wise so overall i think i like it). But i would have to say that halo 5 is probably my favourite halo multiplayer (hard to beat halo 3 but thats partly because i always played with my brother so that made it way more fun so if my brother still played halo i think 5 would win then), i think they got a really good balance of what made halo 3 great and the speediness of halo 4 which i like because it feels nicer to play and makes sense story wise (if you hadn’t noticed i really like things make sense with the story even for the multiplayer haha). To me in halo 5 once i got used the change direction boost (charge and ground pound you can ignore as you barely ever use them) it just felt like a faster and much nicer looking halo 3.

            For the art style again i partly agree with you, i dont like the fact that they changed all the designs of the aliens and some quite a bit, just like with the Chiefs armour if they had kept the design the same but updated graphics it would have made more sense. But on the other hand i actuallly really like most of the new designs some of them more than the old ones some of them not so im on the fence there.

            Sounds im not sure about, thats harder for me to think back and compare from memories for some reason compared to visuals, i might have a look at some comparisons or something to see what you mean. The only thing i can think of is that i liked the multiplayer medal announcer guy more in halo 3 than 4 and 5. I wish i had his voice, i could just listen to him going through the rapid kills all day, double kill, triple kill, overkill. (did you read it in his voice? haha) oh man that guy sounded great.

            Have you played halo5 at all? if you haven’t but can get it cheap/borrow it off a friend you should give it a shot, stick to a nice older style armour in multiplayer and it will feel like a faster halo 3.

            Also thanks for the discussion its interesting seeing detailed answers from someone who liked halo up to 3/reach and read the books but didn’t like halo 4 and 5, i thought people who read the books would be the ones most likely to like halo4 and 5 because it actually makes the books really relevant to the story of the games eg forerunners in halo 4 and blue team joining chief in halo 5.

            And again sorry for my mass amounts of writing.

          • yep, definitely read those in the Halo 3 announcers voice. Those were the glory days. Heard Halo 5 was a massive improvement MP wise but lack of co-op campaign, barely any Master Chief, and my bitterness after 4 have all stopped me from ever purchasing it. I really wish they just ended with Reach (which should have been done by the book), but I can’t blame them for not giving up on their cash cow. Oh well, more for the people who want it. Barely touch my Xbox for games anyway now, just playing MechWarrior Online (yeah it’s got it’s fair share of issues, but also giant robots) and Overwatch on PC when I feel like MP

          • I cant reply to your newest reply, must only be able to reply a certain amount of times in a row.

            I liked halo 4 quite a bit and i still think halo 5 was a massive improvement, the no co-op would definitely bother me a lot if i knew anyone that still played halo, though i suppose just on principle it does bother me as thats always been a big part of halo. It was definitely An interesting choice going with the split campaign after the reception halo 2 got for that, though i loved it in halo 2 as the arbiter is great (you can probably guess by my name i like him a fair bit haha), though for me the lack of master chief (though really he was still in it a lot) was made up for by including Linda and Kelly (my two favourite spartans) and also buck.

            I still would recommend if you ever get the chance to play it for real cheap to give halo 5 a go.
            Or when Halo 5 forge for PC comes out in 5 days you can just try custom games on there, plus frank O’Connor (i think his name is, main halo Microsoft guy) said that a bit after launch there will be a custom game browser so you can join games without having to know people playing, best of all its going to be free.

            Don’t get me started on halo reach not following the story of the book, no matter how much they try and make that fit canon wise with all the little bits and pieces they’ve released it just does not make sense (though they deserve some credit for trying to make some sense of that part of the timeline instead of just ignoring it).

            I haven’t played mechwarrior, it looks pretty cool though. Haha yeah i suppose having giant robots can let you overlook some problems. Overwatch is good for when you just need a bit of fun multiplayer

            Thanks again for the discussion its been fun, good luck fighting those damn camping bastions on overwatch (unless you are one of them, in which case damn you)

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