First Look Inside The Return Of Valiant’s Psionic Superteam, Harbinger Renegades

First Look Inside The Return Of Valiant’s Psionic Superteam, Harbinger Renegades
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Harbinger is coming back, at last! Following the end of Joshua Dysart and Khari Evans series Harbingers reboot in 2014, an all-new series from Rafer Roberts and Darick Robertson is picking up the journey of Valiant’s premier psychic superteam — and we’ve got a look inside the first issue.

Renegades will pick up where Harbingers left off, with the secret government team of ‘psiot’ heroes no longer being so secret. Now the world knows about the existence of psychic superheroes, the surviving renegades — Faith, Peter, Torque and Kris — have to join forces once again to quell the impending discontent. Check out four new uncoloured and unlettered pages of Robertson’s art below, as well as uncoloured versions of his three covers for issues #2, #3 and #4, making their debut here.

Harbinger Renegades #1 hits shelves November 30.


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