Five Games, Five Songs

Five Games, Five Songs

The last few games I played couldn’t be any more different from one another. The same goes for their varied, gorgeous soundtracks.

Monolith, No Man’s Sky

I managed to survive my crash landing on Planet Urrkundarfjord, somehow. I say ‘somehow’ because it’s the first survival game I’ve invested any real time in. I thought I’d get shot by a sentinel before fixing my poor ship. I did, actually, get shot at by a sentinel but I slowly boosted out of there. I learned 5 new words while I wandered aimlessly for a while, and then I found a monolith.

The silence was what I noticed most when I wasn’t cursing trying to chase down alien life to feed the jerks (and failing). It was there I had a weird sci-fi moment. A story prompt came up asking me to save a bird in distress or shoot it to put it out of its misery. I wanted to mine it. But since that wasn’t an option, I begrudgingly saved it instead. It was intense. Much like the track “Monolith”.

Dark Castle, Kirby Planet Robobot

Is this the best Kirby game around? Has Kirby become the second best platforming series out there? It’s a pretty damned good game (though I do love Mass Attack), and the ever-cute Kirby will always be special to me for his unabashed love of food, and his angry eyes. What’s not to love about the best Kirby, Circus Kirby? Or his Runner-up, Scientist Kirby, MD with his widdle Bunsen flasks?

I had so much fun with Robobot, I forgot all about the other games I had every intention of playing instead. Sadly, Robobot’s soundtrack isn’t the greatest Kirby soundtrack. The remixes are alright, but serve their purpose of being fun right along with their levels. Like this one, right here:

Tanoshii Natsumatsuri, Yo-kai Watch

What didn’t I love about Yo-kai Watch? The easy-breezy riding around the sprawling Springdale was lovely — with its rustic feel, business districts, delicious looking food establishments, entertainment sections, cultural hotspots, and sense of Summer adventure. Helping people with their problems, and befriending the mischievous yo-kai led to absurd situations, as well as the occasional dark alley. It wasn’t all feel good though — Yo-kai taught many life lessons that edged so close to complete despair. The game’s a wonderful mix of curiosities in folklore, and everyday life. The soundtrack couldn’t be more fitting. The night at the festival went too quickly but luckily the game gave the option to relive that moment in time, and I’d go back just to hear this song.

You’re Mine, Furi

There’s a rhythm to Furi, with a series of actions that require memorization and quick reflexes. Furi, however, also tests endurance. When health gauges refill on enemies after you’ve lost rounds of tricky sparring, it can be brutal and break your mental stamina. But it also has Carpenter Brut and a Scattle on a soundtrack who share space with other fantastic tracks from some other talented musicians. And any soundtrack that reminds me of the Hotline Miami series is an amazing one, as far as I’m concerned.

Beyond The Wasteland, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

I’m terrible at SRPGs but I just can’t help but love them. I’ve been playing Tactics Advance off and on for over a year now, with over 40 hours logged and I’m still no where near completion. I’m not progressing the main story because I’m too busy trying to unlock classes. If only my moogle Reuben would comply and become the Juggler I want him to be, I wouldn’t be having this problem! He’s one sassy gunner, so there’s that. I also don’t mind battling with other clans so much because it means I’ll get to hear this amazing track.

If you have any standout moments or songs you’d like to share from games you’ve recently played, please feel free to do so!