Five Star Space Battles In No Man’s Sky Are Insane

Five Star Space Battles In No Man’s Sky Are Insane

We all saw the pre-release footage of massive space fights and epic battles against massive battlecruisers. But so far, most people have just fought off the odd bandit and mined a few space rocks.

But if this latest video is anything to go by, sentinel fleets are awesome and I want to fight one right now.

YouTuber Explorer Of The 4th Reich, who’s only uploaded two No Man’s Sky videos despite the name, showed what happens when you get the “Sentinel Starships incoming” prompt instead of the usual nonsense about hostile scans.

It basically turns No Man’s Sky into something out of Battlestar Galactica, with your lone ship pitched against waves of Sentinel fighters and a massive battlecruiser decked to the halls with turrets.

The video also neatly highlights one of the bigger issues with the game — the tedium of having to constantly recharge your deflector shield. Given the way you can recharge your shield with different resources, I’m not entirely sure people would want their shields to automatically recharge all the time.

But hopefully a mod will fix that soon enough. In the meantime … damn. I just want to dogfight all the time now.


  • All I keep thinking during that is two things:

    1. The ship combat REALLY needs a shield recharge button…
    2. Combat needs missiles *SO BAD*.

    • this, every video ive seen of the space combat ive been waiting and hoping to finally see a missile get released

    • 1. Maybe even some Macros you can program so you dont have to fumble around in the menu just to recharge the shield. I mean, in a real space ship, wouldnt there be some sort of control for that on the dashboard considering it’s a critical part of the ship? “Oh hey, I know you’re shooting at me, but can you just hang on a sec while I rummage around in my backpack for some spare plutonium (or whatever is required for the shield)?”

      2. Definitely agree with this. Missiles look awesome!

  • Sorry too late. I already got a full refund for the game.

    I also don’t want to spend 50 hours grinding resource bars to finally be in a position to have enjoyable space fights with only two weapons.

  • How often does this actually happen though? And can you actually destroy those giant ships with your tiny one or are you more of a mosquito attacking an elephant?

  • That’s one of the other problems I’ve been noticing with the game, and is a problem all procedurally generated games have. Exciting things happen, but only if the RNG says so. If you get bad RNG then your experience with the game is going to be pretty rubbish compared to someone who gets good randomisation rolls.

    • But there will still be people complaining that cool things aren’t happening or around every 5 minutes/100m. People who either haven’t heard of sensory overload, have no patience or has some kind of attention deficitness. The example I see the most is the comparison between Fallout 3/4 and NV. 3/4 are themeparks with attractions every 50m. NV has actual places.

  • I just saw a giant space battle yesterday when I entered new system with three sentinel ships attacking excatly 19 straships like mine and I had the choice to either attack the sentinel ships or help them. I just flew around for 15-20 mins.

  • I was actually pretty hyped for this game before it came out. Whilst I hope people who bought it are having fun, I’m really not sorry that I didn’t. Compare that footage to any gameplay from Rebel Galaxy or Strike Suit Zero and good it looks boring. It doesn’t even really look prettier. There’s little in the way of audio that stands out either, and those are two small and cheap games to compare this to.

      • @mrsid
        That’s only a part of the problem.
        People go into these games with high expectations of what the game should be like.
        And then find it disappointing as the game did not meet their expectations.
        Games are made by devs to their standards and ways,not gamers.

  • I did find the cowards way out….if your lucky

    Those sentinels hit hard if your not geared up

    Jink swerve and run to the nearest space station….Once you hit the entry they don’t follow you in and seem to loose interest in a couple of minutes

  • I think people forget this was orginally just an indie game that got a butt load of attention and had a whole heap of misconceptions attached to it. Comparing it to star citizen is just crazy. I try to just enjoy it for what it is and stop expecting every release to be a revolution of gaming. Hopefully this tech does open some doors for a open world Star Wars game though.

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