Gears Of War 4 Might Literally Be This Year's Biggest Game

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And no, I'm not talking in terms of popularity or potential quality.

There's a new Gears of War coming out this year, which most people have heard at some point or another. But what you probably didn't hear is just how massive the game's footprint will be on your hard drive.

No, seriously, it's enormous.

Yup. You read that right. A minimum install of 70GB, but probably closer to 80GB.

That's a massive game by any platform's standards. Oh and by the way, if you install the Gears of War collection along with that, you'll need another 32GB of space.

The Battlefield Bundle on PS4, by comparison, is 78.1 GB. But that's not a single game — it's a pack including Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline, two blockbuster shooters in one. The Halo: Master Chief Collection, meanwhile, was 65GB — and that included a 20GB day one patch to boot. But that's four games in one, not a single title.

Here's hoping Microsoft compresses the hell out of the new Gears of War. Either that or the NBN rollout kicks on really fast. Who wants to lay a bet on the first 100GB game — at least one that's not basically downloading half the planet from Google Maps, like Microsoft Flight Simulator or X-Plane 9?


    Glad I have a speedy ADSL 1 connection to download this monster. I might be able to play it by January 2017! I can't wait!

    Thankfully most digital games are downloadable well before launch day.

    My guess is the large file size is due to the large uncompressed character muscles.

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      The enormous file size was probably done intentionally by Microsoft to encourage you to pre-order. It’s probably 65gb of padding.

      “I was going to be sensible and wait for reviews…. but what if it’s good and I don’t want to wait two days for it to download?!? Better pre-order just in case!”

      I’m only joking. I think.

    Maybe there are 18 quintillion and 1 planets?

    I am so annoyed at this lazy attitude of uncompressed videogames.

      And for those that want 4K resolution? Are they meant to keep seeing crappy textures at high res?

        diminishing returns there - a better alternative would be to revisit the idea of procedural textures which can generate to an appropriate resolution for the required fidelity - they generally need chunkier CPUs though (which is why current tools are more to generate textures 'for games' rather than 'in game'), but it means texture data could be reserved for the more distinct stuff like insignias and item detailing, whilst all the generic dirt/brick/concrete stops bloating the footprint

          Storage space is cheaper than cpu cycles as far as current game dev goes I guess.

            that's generally been the case - same with raytracing vs current GPU tech - lots of cool stuff in things like the 4k (filesize, not resolution) game demos, but none with proper support in the broader industry because of the directions taken in hardware development

    My ADSL connection is actually halfway decent, but holy crap.

    I'll regularly see a solid 2MB/s (not Mb) from Steam for example, but that's still an 11 hour download.

    It's stuff like this that's why I bought games like Titanfall for PC on a physical disc - that was a solid 50GB download or so, and was mostly uncompressed audio.

    ATTN publishers: not everyone lives in the US and has Google Fiber.

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    *Shrugs* still plenty of room on my external and I keep my internal pretty empty these days as games generally load faster off the external.
    Couple that with my net plan including xbox live quota free. Yes, I planned for this generation.

    It's worth noting that 70GB would be the installed size and not the total file size of the download which would be delivered compressed.

    I'm tempted to bring my console into the office and download it here... 400mbps fibre is much faster than my shitty ADSL.

    Halo 5 is hovering around 100 gigs.

    As for Gears... is this just the 4k version, which includes video assets at 4k.
    I doubt that the version on xbox will be that big.
    Or, it'll be done like Quantum Break. The game will be on the disk and the video will be streamed (with the option to download them).

    A BluRay is only about 50 gigs... right?

      This was taken from the listing for the Xbox One version, unfortunately.

    I'm just curious as a lot here are talking about how big the game will be to download, are there a lot who've switched completely to digital-distribution on consoles and don't buy the physical discs anymore? Especially when we're talking about a AAA game here. I know Steam has eclipsed physical media in the PC market but I just didn't imagine it was anywhere close with consoles yet.

    I plan on sticking to buying physical games for as long as I can, but seems like that could be disappearing in favor of digital-only distribution, even for AAA games such as Gears 4, a lot sooner than I would have expected. Probably within 5-10 years if I were to guess.

    I'm buying a physical copy. But that's going to be 1 disc and downloading the rest. Not to mention the massive Day 1 Patch. Ouch!

    I think it's important to point out that it says it's the Ultimate Edition, which includes the season pass as as well, so I'd say that that 70-80Gigs includes post release estimated content as well.

    Have games devs never heard of file compression?

    what kind of joke is this. I cant chew through almost half of my download limit just for this single game. you gotta give a physical version without having to download another god knows how many GB to update. Thats ridiculous. Not to mention the amount of time its going to choke up the bandwidth for everyone else using the connection.

    get your act together and figure out something. god. fucking ridiculous.

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