Get A Real-Life No Man's Sky Multi-Tool

Image: TwoMakers

If strip mining the length and breadth of the galaxy of No Man's Sky and fighting off robot sentinels isn't quite enough, then maybe this replica multi-tool will do the trick.

It's a acrylic and PLA replica multi-tool from TwoMakers, a pair of artists out of Portugal. Every piece is made to order and printed in a single piece, avoiding the hassle of having to glue bits and pieces together.

Image: TwoMakers

If you're looking to do your own No Man's Sky cosplay, or you'd just like to have a multi-tool on your desk, it'll set you back at least $228. If you want the painted version, that's a touch over $300.

So, it's not cheap. But damn does it look nice. It's also based off this model on My Mini Factory, which is handy if you have a 3D printer and the necessary bits lying around.

Or you could just pay TwoMakers to put it together. And while you're at it, you might want to consider dropping some cash on this No Man's Sky ship when it goes up for sale.


    How can we cosplay NMS?

    Photograph a first person shot with the multitool and hand out copies?

    Dress up as clip-clop the goat legged T-Rex?

      Dress up as clip-clop the goat legged T-Rex?

      please make this happen

    If I were to pay that much for a NMS multitool I'd be paying for one that didn't look like and have the texture of a cheap 3d print. They havent even tried to removed the texture grain on that? It looks neat at all, but they could've tried to sand/file it down a tad with some fine sandpaper before painting to get a smoother texture?

    Last edited 18/08/16 8:22 pm

      Agreed. This is poor quality for $300. Mod a cheap nerf gun for a better result.

    But there are various designs of multi-tools. Just get a Nerf blaster and modify that.

    I read the title as "Get a Real Life, No Man's Sky Multitool" like it was an insult....

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