GOG Adds Classic Disney Platformers Aladdin, The Jungle Book And The Lion King To Its Catalogue

GOG Adds Classic Disney Platformers Aladdin, The Jungle Book And The Lion King To Its Catalogue

GOG doesn’t dig up quite as many retro games as it used to, but when it does, they’re always worth it. The site’s latest haul is three of Disney’s old-school platformers — The Lion King, Aladdin and The Jungle Book.

As the GOG announcement explains, the games weren’t mere cash-grabs, but excellent, stand-alone products:

Developed during the golden age of platformers, Disney Aladdin, Disney The Lion King, and Disney The Jungle Book established themselves as hallmarks of the genre, earning the praise of fans and critics alike for over two decades.   That was due in no small part to their groundbreaking visuals. With the advent of Digicel technology, hand-drawn cels from Disney’s animation team brought the characters to life with a level of vibrancy that was unparalleled at the time, and remains impressive today. Just look at how adorable little Simba looks when he roars at his enemies!

Each game is available for $13.59, though they’re currently discounted by 10 per cent. However, if you get all three as a bundle you can save 33 per cent, with the individual prices working out to be $9.09.

The deals are available for another day and a half, so if you’re looking for a hard hit of gaming nostalgia this weekend, look no further.

Three of Disney’s most treasured 16-bit platformers return, exclusively on GOG.com [GOG, via TechCrunch]


    • pretty sure they’d be using the PC/DOS versions (which mostly matched the Mega Drive versions I think)

      • From memory… weren’t the Megadrive versions superior in terms of animation but Snes’s had a better colour palette?

          • Aladdin might’ve been but pretty sure Lion King and some others were the same from memory?

          • yeah, and SNES generally did seem to have the better colour palette looking at screenshot comparisons

          • Oh definitely, it was like going from VGA to SVGA back in the day. 256 colours to something like thousands being possible.

  • Never had (or even knew about) The Jungle Book game but loved playing The Lion King and Aladdin on DOS as a kid. Nostalgia is probably going to force me to buy these…

  • Pretty sure shiny did Aladdin on megadrive and capcom made a completely different version for snes. The snes version wasn’t as fun.

  • Has anyone had controller support working properly? Best I’ve got is partial Steam Controller support. Playing these on keyboard and mice isn’t the most fun.

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