Gran Turismo Sport Has Been Delayed To 2017

Gran Turismo Sport Has Been Delayed To 2017

The latest iteration of the Gran Turismo series won’t be hitting digital and real-world store shelves until next year, with the developers requiring more time to avoiding compromising “the experience in any way”.

Perhaps the most stark omission this morning was the fact Kazunori Yamauchi, the founder of Polyphony Digital, didn’t provide any time frame for the new release date.

“From the start this title has been one of our most ambitious undertakings by using the latest technologies, such as physics-based rendering and sound simulations, and Scapes photo mode,” the developer wrote on the US PlayStation Blog.

The delay means it will be more than three years, potentially more than four, since the PS4 launched before a new Gran Turismo. Polyphony added that they will continue to show GT Sport at various gaming conventions around the world. Another question the delay also brings up is what support GT Sport might have for PlayStation Neo and PlayStation VR, if at all.


  • Shock Horror! Polyphony not delivering on time..again! Have they ever met a timeframe? Ever?
    For a flagship series, they really have dropped the bundle in recent times and have been left well and truly behind by the likes of Forza, Project and now Assetto.

      • Gran Turismo, 3 years after the original PS launch…

        GT 2, only released a couple of months before the PS2.

        GT3: A-Spec. Actually pretty good by PD’s standards, it came out within a year of the PS2.

        And then they return to form. The fact that GT6 came out *after* the PS4 was frankly bizarre – they could have had a PS4 version out, maybe not AS AMAZING as they want it to be, but holy crap. Seriously.

        The one thing I’m very disappointed about is the lack of Nissan Skylines. :-/

  • I found GTA on the PS3 completely underwhelming. They really need to revamp the career mode.

    • Grand Theft Auto had a career mode?

      Sorry, someone had to be that smartarse, I decided that smartarse was me.

      • Whenever I talk to people about Gran Turismo, I always accidentally abbreviate it as GTA. They usually respond with; “What? GTA?”

        “Shut up, you know what I mean.”

  • Maybe the extra time will allow them to do some decent sound for a change? A Ferrari shouldn’t sound like a Camry.

    • It’s okay though, they’ll have time to model the exact indicator click rate on every special edition or variant of the Prius ever made.

    • I remember going from GT to NFS Shift on my PS3, and just being amazed that cars could sound like cars in a game.

  • Is Kotaku going to bother with spotlighting the PS4 Slim stuff that’s going around at the moment? There’s videos out in the wild that definitely aren’t playing to Sony’s script………oh my god what if THIS IS THE SCRIPT.

  • I feel like every version of Gran Tourismo is delayed for the same reason, and every version then feels like it should of been released a year or so earlier, not quite up to spec for the actual time of release.

  • I think it’s a positive, it will allow them time to re render the game in ultra HD 4K for the upcoming 4K ps4. No brainier there

  • If you’re into racing, a PS4 isn’t for you. I learned the hard way when I bought the PS4. Project Cars is naff.

    Bought the xbone a week later, PS4 collects dust.

  • Fry-ShockedShockedNotShocked.png

    Instead of closing Evolution Studios, they should’ve just rolled them into a Polophony West or something. Then they could’ve shared assets with GT, the way Playground does with Turn 10.
    Maybe getting something out a bit sooner.

    • Oh man, that would have been perfect. Evolution could have handled GT Sport with off road mixed in to bring back the MotorStorm fans. Damn it.

  • Does anyone know, does this mean that the new gt branded thrustmaster wheel is ALSO delayed?
    Really dont want to support Logitech after the G25/G27 shafting

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