GTA V Mods Just Keep Looking Better

Video: The PC version of Grand Theft Auto V looked good enough as it was. Mods improved things. Mods continue to improve things. This is the newest trailer for GTA 5 Redux, a "graphics and world enhancer" mod package that will bring new weather effects, new visual tweaks, real-world ads and company logos (like Netflix and Fed Ex), new textures, new ragdoll physics, even new police AI.

It will be out on August 26.


    Those night effects o_O

    I'll install it though, give it a try.

    Anyone else notice that the more impressive the world looks, the more janky the animations and character models look

      Yeah some real uncanny Valley problems there. All the buildings and cars are spectacular though.

    God damn i wanna get it on pc. Been waiting for it to go on sale on steam and it never goes below 50 usd. The console versions go on sale all the time for like 40 bucks or less.. might bite the bullet when this comes out and put my 1080 through its paces in uwqhd. Should look purrdy

    Very nice, this does look pretty.

    Whats Rockstars stance on mods?

    Looks bonkers, but really makes the lack of upgrades on character models obvious (nitpicking, I know). I wonder if the minimum specs to run it are NASA-level high, though.

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