Guy's Mum Tries To Describe Overwatch Characters Without Knowing Overwatch

The "parents don't know but they will talk about it anyway" gag is not a new one, but it remains a sweet one when the parents do a good job (and aren't treated like idiots by exploitative kids). Like Karhall's mum here, who was asked to talk about Overwatch characters without knowing who the hell they were.

Original image: SedimentarySocks

Karhall says (or at least claims that) she was asked "to give each character a codename she thought fit their appearance as well as some thoughts on what she thought their job was and who they are as characters."

I like some of these better than their actual character descriptions. Especially the Mercy one. For reference, the blue text is Karhall's mum, the green bits are him helping her out.

They're working their way through all 22 characters. If you want to follow along, you can here.


    Would like to see a follow-up interview, describe Overwatch characters after seeing hentai

    i think this same mother & son tried to do other franchises, like pokemon, it was entertaining

    Hahaha, she says Ana's gun looks like it shoots lasers or fire ... so she must do excavation or art. What? How?

    Clearly the guy who gets to wear a 'BAMF' belt is going to end up with the spies number.

    That was beautiful. In other news, I want Genji to be able to shoot lasers out of his eyes. And having someone with a recon drone would be interesting

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