Hatsune Miku And Her Virtual Hair Are Selling Shampoo In Japan 

Hatsune Miku might be virtual, but that isn't stopping her and her blue-green hair from appearing in a shampoo spot with the very real Scarlett Johansson. [Image: Sega | Lux | Cinema Today]

Lux released a web teaser in which Miku announces that she will be starring in her first shampoo commercial. She also says it's the first time she's worked with a Hollywood actress.

Via Natalie, Baila and Cinema Today, here are stills from the forthcoming commercial:

[Image: Sega | Lux]

[Image: Sega | Lux]

[Image: Sega | Lux]

Hatsune Miku has already sold cars and appeared on American late night television.

In case you missed it, check out Kotaku's impressions of Project Diva Future Tone.


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