Here's 20 Minutes From Watch Dogs 2

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Hey, remember that Watch Dogs is getting a sequel? If you didn't, here's 20 minutes of footage to jog your memory.

Ubisoft uploaded a bunch of commentated footage this morning from an alpha build of Watch Dogs 2 on the PS4, and it's pretty smooth so far. The sequel seems to largely be focusing on giving you more options -- controllable drones, more customisations for your character, more tools for hacking randoms on the street.

I wasn't a massive fan of the original Watch Dogs, but I might spend more time with the sequel thanks to the option for all the co-op missions. It could end up being something a little like how I enjoyed The Division, playing side by side with my partner for a good 50 hours.

Fingers crossed that the PVP and end-game is a little more robust, though.


    I guess they aren't going to over hype the sequel then.

    Which is good, because this is roughly what I expected anyway.

    Don't preorder this! Wait until it is released guys!!!

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    I don't expect much, just a better game than 1.

    The missions look a lot like Assassin's Creed, not difficult at all and the only reason you engage with the game's mechanics to defeat the easy AI is just for role-play purposes. I mean, sending in an RC car as a distraction so you and a friend can breach a room and kill two enemies seems like something you do just to feel like a hacker, not because it's most effective tactic.

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    I've preordered, sorry! Iabsolutely loved Watch Dogs and, as with almost all my preorders, I like to buy them when I have the money rather than wait to see if I can get it on launch day. If in the run up I hear that they've embargoed reviews until after the release or other such sketchy behaviour, I'll wait to read those reviews before picking up my preorder!


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