Here's Some 'Super-Pre-Alpha' BattleTech Gameplay

Harebrained Schemes managed to raise nearly $US4 million for its resurrection of FASA's venerable BattleTech franchise. Since then, the studio has been toiling away at the game; it recently released a gameplay clip showing exactly how far the title has come.

Seeing as the video is entitled "BATTLETECH 'Super-Pre-Alpha' First Look for Backers", I'm going to say it's meant for backers only. Despite this, it's freely available on YouTube by anyone with a link.

The 23-minute video contains a combat scenario featuring four mechs, showing off the fog of war, movement and weapons systems. Even though it's supposedly a very early look at how BattleTech is shaping up, I have to say I'm liking the clean user interface.

As expected, line-of-sight and mech facings play an important role — a perfect match for the turn-based gameplay. Can't wait to see more, especially once it's a bit more polished.

BATTLETECH "Super-Pre-Alpha" First Look for Backers [YouTube, via Blue's News]


    Wowwwwwwwww. We interviewed these guys for our facebook page around 12 months ago or so now. They were promising something completely different to Shadowrun and god DAMN they weren't lying!!!!

    That ui is something swish...

      It really is isn't it :O

        Looks really solid and technical without cluttering the map with unnecessary garbage.

        League's ui designers should take a page out of these guys book...

    Oh boy... always been wanting something that was more akin to the tabletop. Loved the mechcommander series and the crescent hawks revenge, but turn based would be killer.

    Ive been really enjoying their weekly RPG series where they play the tabletop

    The backer letter said they were excited to be able to finally show us some working gameplay footage, but please don't share the private youtube link, it wasn't ready for primetime yet.

    There is to be a playable demo at one of the upcoming conventions though..

    But then to come to Kotaku and see Blue's (and presumably other) sites have plastered the private link all over the place.. I guess we won't be seeing as much sharing of this nature in the future.

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