Here Are The Cheapest Copies Of No Man’s Sky In Australia

Here Are The Cheapest Copies Of No Man’s Sky In Australia

It’s the game everyone’s going to be talking about this week, but the question is: where can you get the cheapest copy of Hello Games’ space epic? We’re here to help you out.

Good Old Games

PC: $60.14 ($US45.79)

Normally I’d bundle all of the digital retailers together, but GOG’s offering is pretty good all things considered.


PS4: $78

Not the best, but not the worst offering either. Maybe worth considering if a store is near you and you want to show your support. It’s really no different from what other Aussie retailers are offering.

Big W

PS4: $78

It’s not listed online, but you’ll be able to get the PS4 version for about the same as everywhere else. JB has some exclusive DLC, however, so that’s probably a better deal.

JB Hi-Fi

PS4: $79

Not much of a deal, but it’s looking like the best option for consoles right now. The PC version isn’t listed on JB’s website either.

Harvey Norman

PS4: $88

Nothing to get excited about here.

Online Stores

Play-Asia: $69.99 [PS4, English subtitles], $80.76 [PS4 US, PC] G2A: $70.10 PSN: $79.95 Steam: $78.80 ($US59.99) Ozgameshop: $77.99 [PS4] Dungeon Crawl: $84.95 [PS4]

The G2A listing is from the marketplace, not the developer, so if you’ve been waiting to send Hello Games some money I’d suggest you find another avenue to do so. (GOG’s still cheaper, after all.) Dungeon Crawl’s based in Australia as well, but they’re importing their NMS copies from the UK. Keep that in mind.

EB Games

PS4: $99.95

Absolutely not.


If you’re desperate for a bargain and don’t mind going well off the beaten track, there are some discounts on Ebay that might be worth considering. One listing with a fairly decent rating — 99.1% positive feedback from over 12,000 reviews — is offering Steam keys of the game for $46.85. The seller is based in China, according to Ebay, and they’re also selling a whole bunch of League of Legends accounts if that’s your thing.

I’d rather put my money towards Good Old Games or a seller based in Australia. Still, if you’re strapped for cash and you’re prepared to take the plunge you have the option. (Don’t complain to me if your CD key ends up getting banned, although publishers seem pretty averse to doing that these days.)


Target, in a decidedly unhelpful move, are refusing to announce the price until the game comes out:

Thanks, Target.

Update: Kotaku has since been informed that, like others, Target will be charging $79 for the PS4 version of No Man’s Sky when it becomes available.

Find No Man’s Sky for cheaper anywhere else? Let us know in the comments!


  • LOL @ EB

    Is ok. It’s unlikely Target will carry the PC version for me anyhow…

    • EB leaves there prices high because idiots go there for the points.

      I don’t understand the bad rap they get, i’ve never once had an issue price matching there, so it’s really irrelevant on their advertised price.

      • Maybe you should read the first sentence of your post. They have a bad rap because they inflate prices to rip of rubes.

        • I don’t really have much of a problem with someone taking money from stupid people.

          Scamming is different. This is just… “well, if they want to pay full price and not go elsewhere or price match, who am I to argue”.

          Look at it this way. How on earth can a shop like that compete, charging 20% more than every competitor for the same product? Surely they would never get customers right?
          So either customers are so stupid it hurts. Or they price match everything and that way they don’t have to bother about competing. It happens automatically.
          Truth is, you’ll get some of both. Every time some idiot pays full price it’s a huge bonus for EB, every other time, they make as much as the competitor.

          Clearly the amount of times people pay full price outweighs the amount of customers that go elsewhere. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth it, and they wouldn’t do it.

          • ^^^^ this so much this.

            They aren’t cheating customers, half the time the staff even tells you about the discount and price matches it for you.

            at the end of the day they’re a business and it’s a good way to go about things.

          • Yep. I’ve gone in to buy a new release ( I can’t remember which ), and I neglected to think of price matching. The employee mentioned it and marked the price down for me. I’ve never had an issue getting price matched.

          • Plus they havd a 7 day return policy not many people are aware of! If you want to return the game after seven days for whatever reason i.e. shit game/completed story mode they will refund your cash!

          • If I recall, they won’t give cash – They’re not allowed to ( Unless this has changed recently? ). They’ll happily put store credit together for you based on the price, or even put it on a gift card so you can come back in at a later date.

          • I’ve had cash returns from about a year or 2 ago and it’s always been that way since i’ve been going there.

            It’s also worth noting that a 14 day return is also available once you get to higher level EB rewards cards.

          • Ah okay. I’ve taken advantage of the 14 day stuff. There’s been games that I’ve had that were really short, so I took them back in and put the credit onto another game 🙂

          • It’s always a cash return or back on your debit/credit card unless the game was purchased with trade credit or a gift card. And it’s 7 days for new games (10 for level 4 members), and 14 days for preowned

          • They can do what they like. But personally I would rather give the retailer offering the best deal in the first place my money. The only time I’ve specifically gone to EB to price match is when Target had no stock of the game and there was no JB in the same shopping centre. The dude in Target actually suggested I do that as I hadn’t even thought about it.

            As a result I will still go to Target or JB in the first instance over EB just because they don’t look to trick foolish people.

        • They don’t inflate prices they tag at RRP, the price everyone is given, the rest of the outlets cut the price because if they charged RRP they couldn’t compete with the industry connections EB has (exclusives etc, which are pretty shitty in themselves but hey what ya gonna do)

        • They dont inflate prices they just charge full retail price and price matching while having a 7 day return policy is a great way to keep people coming in store.

      • Depends on the manager/store. When I go to the cbd store they often refuse to price match, whereas out in the burbs, they’re keen for my business & will match any price.

        • Never had someone refuse a price match as it’s actually their policy to do so.

          If this happens call up the head office and complain the staff will get told to follow company policy.

          • There are caveats to their price matching policy and if you get someone an asshole modd they will use them. Major one is the competitor has to be within the same shopping district and they have to have stock, so if you’re in a town without a Target or they bother to check and if they’re not in a good mood, or their manager or area manager is up their ass about it because they’re in a shitty mood you’ll get knocked back. Happened to me a couple of time in the Sydney city store, nearest Target was a 15min drive away, wouldn’t match, went to Target instead.

            I just mostly avoid going back to those particular branches, my “regular” branches usually bend over backwards to help out. Their merch range really helps with last minute gifts these days too, always handy

          • Refusals happen a lot when they have those ridiculous EB exclusive ‘standard’ editions of games. The ones that are technically a slightly different product simply because they have some useless piece of DLC intentionally tacked on purely so they don’t have to price match because, “It’s the EB version!”

            At that point I tell them no thanks and go elsewhere, but I imagine a lot of people do not.

          • I must be a smooth talker cause I can usually get the exclusive edition down too, I’ve even haggled the super awesome editions down once or twice

        • Its every stores policy to price match if theres a store close by that does it cheaper. Its there job so report them if they dont match it.

      • I wish people wouldn’t price match, more and more stores are getting out of the retail video games market which means less and less competition. Even Target and Big W don’t stock many titles these days. Pretty soon JB is going to be EB’s only major retail competitor, and their prices aren’t as competitive as they used to be.

        I prefer to support stores that offer a good deals every time, not just to stop you from going to a competitor.

      • Do people not realise that the reason that Big W, Target and JB HiFi are able to undercut prices is because they can make their money back elsewhere? EB sells games, they sell them at RRP. Big W can take a loss one a game and sells below RRP with the intention that once you are in the store you will also purchase something else.

    • PC is digital only, so no retailer will stock it. GOG is the best option for Aussies on PC.
      Also, the EB price is for suckers. They take advantage of fools and price match without hassle for everyone else.

    • I’ve been wondering the same thing. I guess a few more days won’t kill us…but it will come close :p

    • I haven’t seen a game break street date in ages, so I doubt it on this one unfortunately… too many checks and measures in computer systems these days

  • Good work Target. I love the whole “we dont want your buisness” attitude, just like EBs price screams that they don’t either. I feel truly valued as a customer.

    • Target more likely keeping tight lipped because its going to be well under its competitors prices,
      i can recall other games at launch being under $60 in store, though i am just being overly optimistic

      • This. The “Prepared to wait a few hours and save a few more bucks” market is probably quite lucrative! Perhaps so much so that they’ll sacrifice the I WILL LITERALLY COMMIT SUICIDE IF IM NOT PLAYING AT LAUNCH MICROSECOND FUUUUUUUUCK crowd.

    • There is seriously something wrong when the PSN price is 20% cheaper than EB’s shelf prices. EB is absolute scum! Preying on the naive.

      • How the hell do EB carry on like this and remain afloat? I’m starting to think that they want to go belly up!

        • Their business model is very good at making money.
          They sell at RRP and so majority of people don’t realise they can get it cheaper elsewhere/don’t price match.
          They buy trade ins very cheaply then sell them at a much higher price but just enough under RRP that it looks attractive to buy instead, also often just under what other places are selling for new.
          They often have a better range/selection of games compared to other shops.
          They’re the only store of their kind around now, which links back to my first point, people just don’t know they can shop else where.

          • I tend to find EB Games make their money off parents and young kids and the people who shop there tend to want advice and want to make sure what they are getting is appropriate etc for little Johnny. Their prices are a rip off outside of their reasonably good sales but I’ve gotten them to price match without too much hassle.

          • Do they really though? i notice so many of them laying around the bargain tables every time i go into one. A friend got Far Cry 4 collectors edition or whatever it was for like $70, cannot remember what it was at launch but it was over $120

          • Try getting a copy of the No Man’s Sky limited edition. 😉

            They’re probably still making a profit off the Far Cry 4 collectors edition at $70.

          • It just makes me question how limited they really are when i see so many of them floating around.

            The Xbox version of Battlefield 1 on Amazon is a great collectors edition you don’t get the game included :P.

          • They’re limited, not rare. Once the initial manufacturing run is done, there will be no more put in circulation. Doesn’t mean they won’t spit out hundreds of thousands in that run.

        • Why is it the store’s fault if they want to sell at RRP?
          Why is it the store’s fault if the customer doesn’t shop around?
          Clearly it’s working because they they’re are still around a kicking despite various other game shops closing.

          Their second hand trading and pre-order practices might be a bit shady but you can’t blame them because customers are too stupid/lazy to price check.

          Lots of other stores do the same thing. That new harry potter book. $30 at Dymocks (save $15 apparently). It’s $20 at Big W. So that’s a 50% markup (which is HUGE) and still all apparently below the $45 RRP. I’m sure there’s somewhere out there that will also charge you RRP for the book.

          Side note: interestingly that book is actually more expensive in the US via Amazon even before shipping, and more expensive at Book Depository even with free shipping.

          • I walked passed a Dymocks a few weeks back and they had a sign saying Harry Potter for sale $30 on opening day but the following day it was going up to $45.

  • 10% off ebay over $75 right now so might get some cheap ebay copies if you can wait

  • EB is pretty good for consumers. Great returns policy allows you to try things out. However, there is absolutely no reason to pay their prices. Just price match = easy.

  • Maybe worth considering if a store is near you I think you mean to say if you live near Penshurst, the only Gamesmen store.

  • I wouldn’t worry too much about PlayAsia after they flogged that trainwreck of a DOA volleyball game to poor defenceless unexpecting men right’s activists. That was LOW.

  • Nice one Target, the hassle probably won’t be worth the discount anyway. Went with JB for PS4. They have “shipped” (processed) pre-orders but sent email to confirm it’s physically shipping tomorrow.

  • Was I misguided to think that this game was gonna be a lot cheaper? I know it’s got a bajillion planets but it still seems to have a more indie scope than a AAA one. I’m waiting for review but I think I’d struggle to justify $75+ for it.

    • Nah that’s right, it’s a full-price “indie”. Whereas on the other hand ReCore is a budget-priced “AAA”, at $49 RRP next month.

      Difference being, this is a huge-scope indie, whereas ReCore is… well… whatever ReCore is. Smaller in scope, new IP, wanting to get it in ppls hands etc.

      It’s not a matter of “indie company = $26 or lower” or whatever assumption was made based on the developer’s situation.

    • Was I misguided to think that this game was gonna be a lot cheaper? I know it’s got a bajillion planets but it still seems to have a more indie scope than a AAA one.
      If I recall they’re heavily backed by Sony themselves, hence PS4 exclusivity, so that’s probably got a bit to do with the price tag.

  • Haha that EB note is great. Press Start have the Target listing at $78 I think, same as JB. I wish the collectors Ed. Wasn’t EB exclusive (and sold out already) though, that’d be pretty awesome.

  • The PSN store also has it for 79.95 with the vector spaceship and the 10000 bonus credits.

  • A few people would probably frown at the practice, but you can pick it up for about $40AUD on GOG with a Russia based VPN.

  • LOL @ the Tweet though:

    “but finding out on launch day is too late as I can play digital from midnight”


  • Don’t buy from that ebay seller, he wants access to your account to activate the key on it himself. Just read his description and the negative reviews, it’s not worth the risk to save $15

  • Looks like JB for me, have almost always had good luck picking up games and get all the bonus pre-order stuff for no extra cost/thrown in

  • Funny how all the bricks-n-mortar stores are only listing/selling the PS4 version, but PC appears to be online only?

    Is this because the game is too big for DVD (as it is on Blue-ray for PS4)?

    It’s because of this I’ll pre-order rather than getting a disc (download not always reliable for me).

  • Genuinely surprised that there is no real differences in price anywhere -especially Oz Game Shop (but they have been getting closer to retail for lots of new games these days).

    Am very interested in the game but will have to wait to get it due to bills & debt this pay unfortunately.

  • Was so salty about this being a ps4 console exclusive, now I’m just depressed. This game looks like my kind of jam in the biggest way, my laptop won’t run it and I was planning on getting a Neo next year. It doesn’t even matter if it’s underwhelming in relation to the massive expectations it has, I know I’d enjoy the fuck out of it.
    Maybe I’ll just have to pony up for a ps4. Loving how Sony somehow got the drop on all these awesome indie-AAA games…firewatch, soma, now this. Yay.

    • it’s not exclusive. It’s out on PC on Friday. They’re finalising on higher res for PC’s

  • Think I might buy on PSN. It’s basically the same price and I’ll have it play before work. Would buy way more new games on PSN if they were priced more appropriately. At least their sales have gotten good though.

  • I’ll be getting it from EB because my partner works there so a) she can just price-match Target and b) I don’t have to leave the house.

  • I woke up this morning for gym, and turned my PS4 on to find No Man’s Sky downloading to my console. Got back from gym, and took another look to see update 1.03 also downloading. Unfortunately it’s locked for another 18 hours, but come midnight, I’ll be all over this game.

    Now I’m happy to pay $79 off PSN, as I prefer to have my games digital nowadays anyway. However when I find that new games are listed at RRP which is 20% more expensive than JB, it hurts.

    • How big is the download? I’m considering cancelling my preorder at EB and buying it digital today.

      • It’s about 5GB total, including the patch update, so not very big. If you preorder a digital copy you can pre-download most of it.

  • Newsflash for all of you hating on EB. THEY WILL PRICE MATCH. I do it for every single game, including this one. Just show them the competitor price on your phone. So that way I get all my games on my EB card 😉

  • Wow that Ebay link – look at the “Delivery options”:

    Delivery Method:

    We provide two methods to activate the game:
    1. You send us your steam account name and password, we log with your account and activate game. We promise that, we don’t take or use anything of your account. You can also make a new steam account and we activate the game on it.
    2. We make a new steam account and activate the game on it, then we send account name, password and email data to you, you can change all data and it’s belong to you in the future.

    Who would be dumb enough to send their Steam account info to them, seriously.
    Also, why the fuck would I want a new steam account just for this game? Why can’t they just gift the game to my normal account?

  • Good to see PSN starting to compete with prices…just wish a few more games would follow suit as most new releases still at $100…ugh

    I wasn’t interested in Doom at $100 when it came out, thinking I’ll wait till it drops…and now it has I can’t be arsed getting it…if it was released at a reasonable online price I would have got it without thinking…

  • Only problem with GoG is they are not releasing till US release date on August 12. So if you want Day 1.. GoG is not the choice.

  • So I have to ask:

    How reliable is a GOG account at this point as a digital platform? Im tossing up getting it on that, but I dunno wether it’s just worth shelling out and getting it on steam instead due to its reliability? Sounds silly I know but I keep thinking long term I guess…

    • GOG is DRM free. So you don’t have to rely on their servers to be online to ever play the game.

      GOG Galaxy is optional. You can merely download the install files and play that way – like PC gaming was before Steam and the Internet.

      • Yep, someone else told me earlier as well, but thanks to you too 🙂 That sold me completely on it so we picked up 2 copies for me and my son a few hours ago just after I posted. Sounds like a beautiful arrangement. I googled peoples thoughts on GoG and really didn’t find anything credibly negative???

        • I always prefer GoG.. however, the only downside can be when the developer chooses to add Steam only features (like Workshop) and rely on that for things. It doesn’t happen often.. but it’s a possibility. Most mods can be found elsewhere and downloaded/installed manually anyway.. but sometimes not.

          • Yeah true that. NMS I definitely see as one that will drop in price fairly quickly. But we can hold out for the day it hits 10 bucks on a sale, then pick it up if that ever happens lol

  • It releases on steam on August 12th at 6pm GMT. Which translates to 4am August 13 aest.

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