Here’s The Cheapest NBN Plans For Every City In Australia

Here’s The Cheapest NBN Plans For Every City In Australia

The NBN might not be available everywhere, but if you live in the heart of a major Australian city you’re pretty spoiled for choice. Deciding which plan to sign up for can therefore be a bit daunting. If you require lots of data at the cheapest possible price, this roundup of unlimited NBN plans will help to narrow down your selection.

The following NBN plans are for metro areas in each Australian state and territory. If you live in a rural area or a suburb that has yet to be connected to the NBN, you will obviously need to look elsewhere. The results below are for non-bundled, unlimited data plans on a 12-month contract. Bear in mind that you’ll need to pay a separate line rental if you require a home phone number.

It’s also worth paying attention to the plan inclusions — some come with a wireless modem, for example, while others require you to supply your own. Internet speed can also vary depending on the plan. (These are all Tier 1 plans, which means you’re not getting wholesale access speeds of 100 Mbps download and 40 Mbps upload over NBN fibre.)

To find out more about a plan and/or sign up, you can click on the Details box in the tables below. As we’ve focused on the cheapest plans in each major city, you won’t find the big ISP players like Telstra and iiNet on this list. Naturally, you should do some research into the quality of connections and customer service before signing up.




Western Australia

South Australia



Northern Territory

Has anyone had dealings with one of the above ISP providers? How did you find their service? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Never, ever, trust in dodo. I don’t use their NBN plan, but I’m forced to use their broadband, and you often get sub-par speeds. I havn’t seen my 16mbps download limit reached in awhile, usually I am limited to 4mbps. As their ads say: ‘Dodo, Dodo, internet that dies!’

  • I don’t know if I trust Spintel.

    I had a job setting up internet access for a pensioner all the way out in Kingaroy, and the modem that came from Spintel had manual DNS settings applied, which redirected the client to a phishing site whenever they tried to access Facebook or YouTube.

    I thought, “This is straight out of the box, maybe there’s one bad person within the Spintel family that’s being a knob”.

    Nope, factory reset brought the DNS spoofing right back.

      • I would highly recommend getting those details to ACCC

        It’s a bit too late now, the client is a two and a half hour drive away (With most of the drive being a 100 km/h speed limit).

        At the time, I felt that I had to work quickly with no dicking about. See, Spintel sent the router three weeks overdue, not to mention the whole client screaming, “YouTube wants me to download YouTube.exe. I don’t know what to do.” fiasco. So I disabled the router’s DHCP and activated one on the local file server, pointing it towards OpenDNS, as I couldn’t trust Spintel with a ten foot stick.

  • You’ve already created tables, why wouldn’t you include a column advising what speeds are being offered for each price? That’s as important as the price…

  • Some more info here would be nice. If it’s not the 100/40 speed then what speeds have you linked prices for?

    • I’ve just churned over to AusBBS for unlimited 25/5 and it’s about $70 a month, so the prices listed for that here must be the 12/1 plan.

    • And I just read the article which says they’re all tier 1 plans, so yes, definitely 12/1.

    • Most of them say “Tier 1”, which is 12mbs.

      The results are a little suss anyway. TPG is $59.99 nation-wide for unlimited Tier 1 NBN and isn’t anywhere on any of these lists.

  • …but if you live in the heart of a major Australian city you’re pretty spoiled for choice.Unless you’re in Brisbane then you have no choice because it’s only the outer suburbs that have any real deployment of NBN. I’m in an inner city suburb and they won’t even start work until the first half of 2018.

  • We’re with telstra and pay $80 a month for 200 gig a month, I never reach the 5 mbps I should be getting. I’m lucky if I reach 500 kbs per second. I’m just out of Melbourne.

    Im not the household owner but I really want to convince them to change it. We have the shittest most expensive internet in this country.

  • We are currently on dodo ADSL2+ and it’s been pretty bad, average speed is 16Mbps down and 0.9Mbps upload with it dropping below 5Mbps way to often.

    We know someone in the next street over who’s getting NBN on the 29th, his plan will be TPG Unlimited Tier 5 with no contract for $99 and if everything goes well then that’s what we’re getting, can’t wait for faster speeds 😀

  • I don’t think any Internet service provider guarantees that you will get the full speeds on any plan ADSL or NBN for the whole time. 100% uptime or 100% speed guarantees for any residential service, that is not what you are paying for.

    ADSL services have a minimum speed guarantees for 110kbps.

    NBN well that is likely going to be different for each NBN service provider.

    TPG guarantees that you will be able to hit your service speed rate once in a 24 hour window, that is all. So if you hit the speed max at 2am in the morning then there is nothing wrong with the service. Even if you get 10mbps for the rest of the day.

  • I love the ACT. Some people have access to the NBN (better than nothing) but others, particularly in the south can’t even get ADSL2+. Where I live it isn’t even scheduled until after 2020. I’m beginning to hate this country.

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