Here’s The First Few Hours Of No Man’s Sky

Here’s The First Few Hours Of No Man’s Sky

If you’re on PC and eagerly awaiting a chance to explore the galaxy of No Man’s Sky, you’ll have to wait until later this week. If you’ve pre-ordered and pre-downloaded on PS4, you’ll have to wait until midnight. But if you want to see what the opening of No Man’s Sky looks like before then, we’ve got the game right now.

A review copy of the game was shipped to our office this morning, and we’ve patched and got the game ready to go. So if you’ve got some time on your lunch break or you’re able to tune in, we’ll be livestreaming the first few hours of No Man’s Sky.

Got any questions? Anything in particular you want to see? Let us know in the Twitch chat, or in the comments below.

Update: The livestream has finished, but you can rewatch it in full below.


    • Watched the first 40 minutes which was how long it took until they got off the planet. Wasnt (m)any spoilers, just the basics of how the game is put together. Wont spoil anything to watch that much, and will probably help actually as you get a feel for how to navigate the inventory system.

      There seems to be a lot of newbie stuff to take in at once but I wont watch any more myself. That was enough to do the job of a demo.

  • I am not going to watch anything until at least I’ve sunk a few months into it. I want to go into the game blind.

  • I only have one question: PS4 or PC?

    OK a second question: Is it feet up on the sofa consoley or is it so much better graphically on the PC that that’s the way forward?

    Other than that, no spoilers for me. 🙂

    • having watched the stream, i would say the game is still an indie title, so visually it’s not gonna be Crysis. Plus, the tone and pace of the game seems to be more “kick back and meditate while you coast the galaxy” kind of thing.

      but that’s my opinion.

    • I’d say PC version for the eventual modding community. From what I’ve heard the game might be more survival tedium than I was hoping for, so it’ll be great to be able to fix that.

    • Thanks to you both. Two posts, entirely different opinions. Love it. 😀 I’ll probably just get it on PS4 to be honest.

  • Hmm, i watched the first 10 seconds…

    menu reminds me of Destiny

    Ok, there needs to be a sprint movement too

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