Here's The New Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer 

Video: Ever wondered what Star Wars vs D-Day would look like? Rogue One's got your answer.


    Cautiously optimistic. Whole lot of CGI or CGI-esque action scenes in there though.

      yeah, they had to drop the actual tie fighters, at-ats and various other mechanical craft from the film due to the budget constraints on repairing and building.

      shame hey?

        You know what I mean. I mean I'm worried this is going to degrade into the the second half of every Marvel film and just turn into wide shot, vacuous explosion fests. It's not the computer generated imagery specifically, it's the mindset that can taint it.

          The issue with models is that the closer you need to get, the larger and more detailed (and therefore expensive) you need to be for it not to pop out (because the differing focuses of the cameras between the elements used can be obvious on a cinema screen).

          I think wide shots are going to be important in some regards with this film not for the "Pew Pew Pew Kaboom" scenes but more so for giving a sense of scale that the director is very good at invoking.

            I feel like you're all deliberately selectively hearing my points so i will try be as clear as possible. It's not CGI. It's not wide shots. It's a specific combination of the two with a certain sensibility that ruins good films.

            If you need specific examples, the last half of Guardians Of The Galaxy, a film with charm and character unmatched in comic book films until it degenerated into a CGI spaceship battle with giant CGI nets and anonymous ships exploding with people we don't care about inside. It's the scene in the force awakens when they fire the new death star at that planet without taking the time to explain which planet it was or who the people were that the the camera focused on. Any Michael Bay film. Etc.

              So as long as a movie doesn't use wide shots and CGI then we've nothing to worry about. Cool. Perhaps if Tarantino directed Star Wars RO it'd be an instant hit.

                Holy shit. Please tell me you're just trying to stir me up.

    Looks pretty strong. But they've all looked pretty strong. I remember being giddy about the first trailer for phantom menace **cries**

    Looks like the reshoots did it a lot of good. Looks exceedingly strong and tonally more coherent now.

    Hopefully it's a lot better than The Farce Awakens...

      You take that back!
      *whips out lightsaber and trashes the room*

      Did you ever see this?

        Doesn't change my opinion on the movie.

          That's fine. It didn't change mine either, I loved The Force Awakens.

        Obviously a puff piece, I like it how he acknowledges the failings of the film but it's a 'Monumental achievement with no equal' ROFL!!! Substantiated by reasons like 'Rae is awesome','Han does this to someone' & 'BB8..BB8..BB8'. Some really insightful stuff /s.

        Got anything else?

          It's not a puff piece it's an opinion piece. Sometimes just hearing another perspective can change your own. A monumental achievement doesn't mean perfect in every way. There is no such thing as perfect art. Sometimes, the imperfections are what makes it so good.

          I can't really link you anything else until you explain what your actual position is. You've made it clear that you don't like the film, but do you mind explaining why in some detail? Then we can have a proper discussion about this.

    Don't get me wrong I loved it but The Force Awakens was able to ride a pretty strong wave of nostalgia, if they count on that too much for this film it will fall flat in my opinion. I'm hopeful though.

    A Star Wars movie with a war set in the stars? IMPOSSIBLE!

    I am going to fucking DEVOUR this movie

    God, the old X-wings looked so much better than the new ones... what the hell happened there?

    You just know someone friendly is gonna be in that tie fighter at the end of the trailer..... But besides that.. OH MY GOD IM GONNA CRY!!!! Loving the score for Rogue one so far as well

    Hopefully the acting is good. Star Wars films are pretty light on talent a lot of the time.

    Looks heaps better than the first reveal. Cant wait.

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