High Ranked Overwatch Player Cheats On Stream, Gets Banned Mid-Match

High Ranked Overwatch Player Cheats On Stream, Gets Banned Mid-Match

Got a sweet Overwatch strat for you today: never cheat.

In this video posted by KiD x, a top-200 ranked Korean Overwatch player streams with an aimbot, a type of hack that essentially aims for you. It does not end well.

They don't even try to hide their bot's lifeless mechanical manoeuvring, and then, at about three minutes into the video, they suddenly get kicked back to the sign-in screen. Game over. Permanently.

There's a lot to unpack here. For one, how can somebody be that bad with Widowmaker while blatantly aimbotting? For two, how did this person, high-leveled as they were, not get caught sooner? Maybe they only recently sold their soul to the aimbot devil?

At the moment, we've got more questions than answers. There is, however, one simple solution to all of this that I will bequeath unto you right here, right now, on this righteous summer day, because I care: never cheat. It really is that easy!


    He probably only did it once, so that doesn't count. Plus he paid for the game, so what's the harm? Why can't he play it however he wants? /s

      I heard it was his brothers account and he has ties with anonymous.

        And his dad works at Nintendo.

          Also a pro mincreft and roblox hakcer. He also hakced the Sensus and sold our details to annonmouse

      er um this is a satire post, right?! because , other people pay money to play a game with fair, even rules that cover everyone. Sure some people are naturally gifted and some not but the rules are universal. Any loser who cant play within those rules deserves absolutely nothing. Especially given all the warnings pre-launch. Hell should people even get warnings for cheating. In games, in sport, in life, cheaters are losers, not worthy of respect.

      Last edited 10/08/16 12:12 pm

        Welcome to the internet! I know there are a lot of informal rules which sometimes impede communication, but with time and a little patience you'll be trolling the comment section of blog posts with the best of them.

        For today I'd like to introduce you to the "end sarcasm" tag. Because sometimes tone is hard to convey in writing even when making patently ludicrous statements, people will choose to indicate that they were being sarcastic with a pseudo-HTML tag such as "/s" to indicate that everything preceding that tag, was in actuality sarcastic or satirical, and should not be taken seriously. Some veteran or skilled internet users are able to detect sarcasm without the aid of the tag, while less advanced users may struggle to recognise sarcasm even when the tag is employed, depending on their blood pressure when they are done reading the comment.

        Don't worry, your confusion in this instance is completely understandable as posting sarcastically defies the common conventional logic of Hanlon's Razor, which proposes that we should "never attribute to malice that which can be adequately attributed to stupidity". Statistically, me being an idiot was in your favour, and no one thinks less of you for drawing that conclusion.

          sorry, it didnt have a start tag, so had no idea what I was reading while I was reading it. Like starting a sentence without a capital. Oops. Lets us just call it even.

      Because his actions effect the experience for other people, so to do so would mean that he is an asshole.

      Also, if I only murder you once, is that ok? I mean it was only once...

    Good riddance. Cheaters are the worst. You may own the game, but you have to abide by the guidelines when online. Honestly do not understand how people think aim-bots are fun.

    Wait for him to try and DDOS the server now cause he believes his in the right

    the exact reason i dont play any multiplayer game on PC, full of cheating assholes.

    kotaku, you must apologise to korea for making accusations about a competitor cheating!
    it was only 3 moth ban and it was an accident.

    *nod's at mack norton for being a legend and speaking out against cheats!*

    Dummy!!! With Warden and server monitoring player movements, bans happen more often in Blizzard games than any other games.

    Plus Blizzard has control centres full of people that monitor servers from a variety of factors, internal technical monitoring, they watch net maps for DDOS attacks, GM forums/customer service channels, twitter and facebook trending... and watch TWITCH Streams.

    I just wonder if it was Warden or a GM manually disconnecting them ?

    He's also a cupper

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