How Much Japanese Game Developers Make

How Much Japanese Game Developers Make

Curious? A recent poll of nearly two thousand Japanese game developers reveals the average salaries for various jobs within the industry.

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Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association carried out the poll, which can be read here in full here (via Cheesemeister).

A total of 1,808 individuals replied to this average 2015 salary question. Note that not all jobs are directly related to development.

Producer (44 replies): 7,673,000 yen ($100,517)

Director (111 replies): 5,772,000 yen ($75,614)

Software Engineer (919 replies): 5,129,000 yen ($67,190)

Artist (345 replies): 4,451,000 yen ($58,308)

Technical Artist (53 replies): 5,817,000 yen ($76,203)

Sound Designer (58 replies): 5,443,000 yen ($71,304)

Planner (Designer) (162 replies): 4,364,000 yen ($57,169)

Executive/Management (77 replies): 9,098,000 yen ($119,185)

Domestic Sales (8 replies): 5,900,000 yen ($77,290)

International Sales/Support (5 replies): 6,900,000 yen ($90,390)

PR/Advertising (10 replies): 5,610,000 yen ($73,491)

HR (6 replies): 5,617,000 yen ($73,583)

Corporate Planning (10 replies): 7,240,000 yen ($94,845)

Digging into the data further, there are some interesting tidbits Twitter user AEvanko, who works in the Japanese game industry, noticed:

Looks like Japanese game industry types make less than those in the West.


  • Ugh, the constant US$ comparison is so stupid. In Japan, around 2 million is “poverty line” , 4 million is a “decent” income that you can expect most office workers to make. The most common job for westerners is probably English teachers, which is around 2.5-3 million (I’ve seen some earn much less though, contracts are getting worse every year).

  • URGH I hate seeing unskilled / untalented jobs like HR earn more than designers and engineers

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