Inversus Is The Most Fun I've Had Shooting Other Players In Ages

Inversus is a simple black and white strategy shooter that pits players against each other in an ever-changing battle for territory and survival. As minimalist competitive shooters go, it's pretty much perfect. Created by Ryan Juckett, AKA one-man game studio Hypersect, Inversus started off as a game jam idea and developed into something that's a mix of twitch shooter and classic board game. Players, cast as either black or white rounded squares, fire bullets that not only destroy their opponents, but also change the colour of the board as they travel, opening up new paths while closing off the route of the enemy.

The concept is very simple, giving players plenty of room to complicate things on their own. I play a one-on-one match in the video above. I played two-on-two during judging for the Momocon Indie Game Awards earlier this year, and it was just ridiculous. There was trash talking. Bullets were being negated by enemy bullets. Wins were extracted from asses at the very last moment. Such wondrous chaos.

Inversus is available now on Steam for $US13.49 ($18) (normally $US14.99 [$19]) and the PlayStation 4 for $21.95. It comes with local and online multiplayer for up to four players, as well as a one and two-player arcade mode.


    woah, that price is pretty steep for a game that looks like a one trick puppy. dont get me wrong, it looks awesome and id love to give it a crack with some friends, but seems just that little too high in price to be worth it.

    Aaaaaand another ps4 and pc only.....coooooool

      Yeah there's a few games like that lately that I wish would make it to xbone

        Mate I hate commenting on here when I see games are ps4 and pc only as I come across as salty and entitled. When it's uncharted etc. I have no problem with exclusivity. But when it's games like firewatch and soma and many other great indie titles I'm just really disappointed. Not to mention no mans sky....
        Just really annoyed Microsoft dropped the ball so utterly and completely I guess.

          Some of those games will comes across eventually - Octodad did, Abe's Oddysee, Not a Hero they all came across, talk around is that The Witness might come over as well and some people are claiming that there are lines of code in No Man's Sky that reference the Xbone though that could all be early stuff

          The ones that shit me most are Salt and Sanctuary (Klei used to be virtually exclusive to the 360 but they switched this gen and they've said whatever dev tool they use is not supported by Xbox), N++ - one of my favourite 360 games gets a sequel and its PS4 exclusive and Manifold Garden, saw this late in E3 week and it looks amazing

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