It Turns Out The Biggest Fan Of Marvel's Han Solo Comic Is George Lucas Himself

How do we know? Well, it's because the creator of Star Wars asked artist Mark Brooks if he could buy every single page of art that Brooks drew for the first two issues of the new comic. Brooks announced the news on his Facebook, where he seemed appropriately shocked and awed:

If you're not up on the world of purchasing original comic art, suffice it to say this is actually pretty crazy. Usually even the biggest (and richest) fans only buy a specific page or two from a comic. I've literally never heard of anyone buying all the pages from a single comic issue before, let alone two issues. I also don't think Lucas has shown anything approximating this level of interest in anything created as part of Disney's new Star Wars regime before, so he must really, really like the comic.

These first two issues of Han Solo, written by Marjorie Lie, have been released if you want to track them down at your local comic store. I personally haven't read them yet, but if nothing else, I'm guessing the art is pretty damned good.



    He just wants the pages so he can 'fix' them with CG and re-release the comic in 10 years time.

    yes but did he offer 10k now, and 15k when it gets there?

    Last edited 03/08/16 6:24 pm

    I've rarely ever been the type to typo correct but the writer's name is 'Marjorie Liu'

    He's probably acquiring them for his museum. I know he wants to feature a lot of comic art there.

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