Kotaku's First Level 100 Demon Hunter, And Other Cool Things Happening In World Of Warcraft Today

I was a little slow for a world's first, so this'll do. I'm off this week, but not so off that I wasn't sitting at my desk when the World of Warcraft servers came up to get my double-jumping fetish elf on. Demon Hunters and all sorts of fiery green hell are now live.

Demon Hunters start at level 98 (of 100, at least until the Legion expansion proper raises that to 110), and they spend their first couple of levels getting to know the real them. Sent to a demon world by their master, Illidan, they run from epic encounter to epic encounter, defeating bosses and stealing their powers to round out their hot bar.

Once their romp through the demon world is over they return home, only to be imprisoned by the Keepers for their relationship with Illidan's taint. Shut up.

Ten years later, the Keepers change their mind. The demonic horde is rampaging through their prison, and they need the Demon Hunters' (AKA the Illidari) help. Several more massive demonic battles later the Demon Hunters (on the Alliance side at least) are teleported to Stormwind, just in time to ask their nephew how the massive thing that obviously happened before they got there happened.

Well, not before they make an important choice or two.

So far, not bad. I don't think two levels is enough to get a solid grip on their mechanics. They're sort of rogue warriors, which I guess makes sense since they can spec as DPS or Tank. Their opening moments are neat, but they will still be neat after the expansion comes out.

More worth any player with a level 100 character's time is the massive event leading up to the full-on demonic invasion of Azeroth. Forces on both the Alliance and Horde side take part in a massive scenario (at one point the factions take turns whittling down a boss), determined to wipe out the Legion once and for all.

Me versus Gul'dan. Not pictured: the rest of the Alliance army behind me.

Things do not go well.

This is really, really bad.

The whole thing culminates in massive changes to the Azerothian status quo that you really need to see. I might have cried a little. Shut up, again.

All of that, plus zone-wide demon invasions where players can get equipment drops that are twice as powerful as the things they got towards the end of the previous expansion. It's a pretty great time to hop back in.


    It's kind of a shame that pre-ordering a physical copy of Legion doesn't get you early access to DH, but I can wait. Servers have held up really well though.

    The Legion Invasion is pretty great so far, very reminiscent of the Scourge Invasion in Vanilla. When you do the Broken Isles opening quest line, run up to Gul'Dan and give him a big hug!

    Ran Broken Shores Hordeside earlier today. The final cutscene in it was targeted right at the feels, I loved it.

    Did the DH intro quest line to completion. So much fun. Solid work with the phasing. It was busy with other DH's, but not crowded. Havoc is quite fun and mobile, but I've only been testing it against the world invasions, so no idea how it holds up in a raid setting.

    Also did the Broken Shore on an Alli, then a Horde. Doing that order was good, as Alliance side raised a question that was then answered on Horde side. Also, so much feels.

      Havoc won't be good in a raid setting until 110, because it 1. requires artifact weapons, and 2. is missing a lot of talents. It will under perform in HFC etc. without set bonuses and talent tiers.

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