Latest Pokemon Sun And Moon Leaks Confirmed In New Trailer

Is Pokemon Sun and Moon the leakiest game of 2016? Not sure, but for the past few days, Sun and Moon leaks have reportedly shown new characters. Today we can confirm that those leaks were true.

Team Skull is Sun and Moon's antagonist organisation:

This is Plumeria.

Guzma is Team Skull's leader.

New Pokemon include the solo form of Wishiwashi:

As well as Wishiwashi's school form:

There's also Morelull, a Grass/Fairy Pokemon:

Here's Pyukumuku, a Water type that can attack with its innards.

Raichu is getting an Aloha form for Sun and Moon.

Marowak, likewise, is getting an Aloha form, too.

Ditto for Meowth.

You can watch the full trailer below.


    That fire/ghost version of Marowak is beast!

      yeah! i love how it totally fits the island theme.

    The region and forms are called "Alola", not "Aloha".

    I wish you'd put the trailer at the top of the article.

    as someone who only know's the the original 151 and Johto Pokemon, how come all these new weird Pokemon seem to have telepathic abilities? They also all seem to levitate. Makes the original Pokemon seem like unintelligent retards.

    I watched one of the new Pokemon movies the other day with that Hooper pokemon dude and it felt nothing like Pokemon lol, keep in mind the last Pokemon movie I saw was the first one with mew and metwo.

    I think I'm getting old :(

    Last edited 12/08/16 2:20 pm

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