Look At This $250 Game Of Thrones Action Figure

Hong Kong toy company threezero will be releasing this 33cm Sandor Clegane figure later this year. There will be two models: A standard one for $US195 ($253), and at $US210 ($273) a "Threezero Store Deluxe Pack", which will also come with The Hound's fancy helmet.

Sales go live on August 18, with the figures shipping later in 2016.

The detail on his burned-up face is just incredible.


    Those bastards! Making the helmet come with the exclusive version.

    In other news: feel free to keep making these 3A/Ashley Wood posts, I love their stuff :)

    I can't imagine anyone (who's prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on a figurine) would get the standard version when it's literally only $15 dollars more (~5% increase) to get the very iconic collectors edition dog helm. It makes absolutely no sense to me that a collector would be prepared to pay $195 but not $210. Even when converted to AUD it's still only 20 bux more.

    Cauliflower ears always make me a bit peckish

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