Look At This $340 Doom Action Figure

Fresh off those Destiny figures that I'm still getting over, 3A said this week they will also be releasing a piece based on the new Doom game. I'm not feeling this one anywhere near as much, mostly because I found the new marine's design a bit too "Generic Xbox Shooter Man" — which doesn't translate as impressively in action figure form — but if he's your thing you'll probably dig this. The detail on stuff like the fingers and the guns is crazy.

It stands 33.6cm tall and will sell for $US260 ($341).


    Looks amazing but the upper body seems to big for the rest or maybe it's the head that is too small. The upper part doesn't look right but I still want one

    I'd pay 340 bucks for the Doom marine figure in the game.

    Do want.
    But I'm a poor bastard, so I'll have to go back to playing with dirt.

    I want that chainsaw!

    Let's hold a competition for this 3A figure eh Kotaku? Entry conditions:

    -Username must begin with P and end in T
    -Describe in five syllables why you want this figure

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      For $340 you can have several -actual- chainsaws. ...although when the cops finally apprehend you, I was not the one who suggested this.

      Fuck. Peter Garret just won...

      "Who's gonna save me?"

      Last edited 07/08/16 9:31 pm

    2 shotguns but no BFG? Not worth it.

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