Look At This $480 Wind Waker Statue

Even these guys are like "OK maybe we should have made this smaller".

This upcoming statue from First 4 Figures recreates Wind Waker's King of Red Lions (with Link sailing him) in a piece that's 64cm tall and costs $US480 ($623).

It will be out next year. There's a limited edition model that lights up. Good luck finding both the money and shelf space for it.


    Now if the boat was made of wood...

    Pre-ordered at 3am this morning! Been waiting for this statue ever since I bought Link on Epona

    Hoping the water effects on the exclusive are a little better than wind waker Ganondorf though

    Such a beautiful piece, but I can't justify the cost. And it's huge. I have a couple of the Ocarina of Time pieces and they are awesome. Prices kept creeping up. The Darunia figure was crazy big, this is just nuts.

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