Look At This Enormous LEGO Star Destroyer

OliveSeon, a team of Korean LEGO builders, have designed and constructed one of the most impressive Star Wars creations I have ever seen. Via Brothers Brick, their Imperial-class Star Destroyer has some frightening specs. It used around 42,000 bricks, took approximately 1000 hours to build, is 2.2m long and weighs 50kg.

Most impressive, though, is the way they designed it so that most of the LEGO brick studs are facing inwards, making large sections of the ship look more like a model build than a LEGO project.

Also holy shit look at their blueprints. They look like something R2 would have to smuggle to Yavin.



    Pfff, I did the same when I was 6 yrs old with 10 whole bricks.

      Well my star destroyer is 43,000 bricks, is 2.3 m long, and weighs 55 kgs.

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