Lots More Destiny: Rise Of Iron Details Emerge

Lots More Destiny: Rise Of Iron Details Emerge

Thorn is coming back to Destiny, a video game in which players convince themselves that it’s worth spending hours grinding for goddamn calcified fragments just so they can get a stupid emblem.

Also in the next expansion, Rise of Iron, which comes out September 20: New types of artifacts! A big light level boost! And custom/private PVP matches, probably.

Bungie put out a bunch of Rise of Iron details in this month’s copy of Game Informer, which you can get here. A few quick highlights:

  • The new raid is called Wrath of the Machine. (I hear it’s cool.)
  • The max light level will be 385, with the cap escalating to 400 once Hard Mode of the raid becomes available.
  • There are eight new artifacts that will come with wild special abilities. One of them will remove sprint lag. Another will let you “melee enemy units and gain their allegiance for a short time”. (What?)
  • Said crucible design lead Lars Bakken: “Rise of Iron includes the introduction of a long-awaited feature our community has been clamouring for.” Safe to say custom matches are en route?
  • Festival of the Lost is coming back in October, and the Sparrow Racing League will fly once again in December. No word on what’s coming in 2017 before Destiny 2, though.
  • There’s a new Crucible mode called Supremacy (which we’ll see at Gamescom) and what appears to be a new Horde mode called Archon’s Forge.
  • Old strikes Devil’s Lair and The Summoning Pits are revamped and will reappear in Rise of Iron.

We won’t steal all of Game Informer‘s info, so go check out the magazine if you want more details. We will, however, be playing the hell out of Rise of Iron when it’s out in September.


  • Another will let you “melee enemy units and gain their allegiance for a short time”. (What?)
    Keepin’ that pimp hand strong.

  • why do we only have Sparrow racing once a year? yet we get Trials and Iron Banner more regularly but not ever really changes with them lootwise.

      • my guess is they are working on releasing a huge dump of race tracks in one go instead of just 2. But I would have still liked to have a week of SRL of just the 2 tracks or whatever tracks they’ve completed maybe 2 weeks after Iron Banner and have them on a monthly basis

        • They apparently received a bunch of feedback along the lines of “we love the idea, but don’t enjoy racing,” so there’ll be some side-activities in SRL this time around, as well as new tracks and sparrows. Maybe it the feedback is less drastic this time, it could come into a more regular schedule.

          • I wonder if they could put weapons on the sparrows.
            Have some kind of speederbike racing, where you can shoot the person in front of you…

  • An artefact that will remove your super, but give you extra grenade and melee charge charges and refill them from orbs, and boost your overall stats… And another artefact that significantly reduces incoming DoT damage… perfect counter for Thorn’s return, I suppose. “Ornamentation” that changes the geometry of some armour/weapons/exotics…

    Good to see Bungie starting to experiment a bit more, and give us some interesting perks and aesthetic options to play with.

    • I’m sorry I’ve been a bad Destiny friend recently. Will you forgive me when Rise of Iron comes out? 😉

      • Of course. 🙂

        Not gonna lie – I’ve been cutting back a great deal in the last couple of weeks. Got my MoTs finished, found my last exotic… only really trying to get the new ships and one last piece of Desolate armour to get that emote, and starting to fill my vault with resources in prep for September.

  • cant wait, although disappointed there is only 5 story missions but still it looks good and im itching to jump back in

    • TTK’s campaign was only 8 missions or so, but I hope the missions are a bit lengthier this time around… That said, there were a bunch of endgame quests that Regicide opened up; I don’t doubt they’ll follow a similar pattern this time.

  • “One of them will remove sprint lag.”

    Oh piss off. Sprint lag (when you can’t sprint for no apparent reason) was quietly added in around one of the expansions (House of Wolves?) with no notification and when we all reported it as a bug they called it a “feature”. It’s a perfect example of when Bungie do things WRONG with the game, and now it’s being used as a “positive”? FFS.

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