Majora's Mask In-Game Ocarina Is A Surprisingly Versatile Instrument

Video: I wasn't initially impressed with PuppetMaster9's compilation of popular tunes played using the in-game Ocarina from The Legend of Zelda: Major's Mask for the 3DS. Then he got to "Baker Street". Such a sucker for that song. You may have seen some of PuppetMaster9's performances when they started blowing up on Twitter back in March. Due to popular demand, the artist has released a Best Of compilation on YouTube, showing off some of his best work. You'll hear such hits as:

"Star Wars Cantina" "Take On Me" "My Heart Will Go On" "Cruel Angel Thesis"

And much, much more!

Order now and... well, there's nothing really to order. Just listen to that sweet, sweet thumb music.


    How about the game :D

      I don't think it's that versatile.

      No matter how much I blow in it I get the same note every time.

      Last edited 18/08/16 3:57 pm

    Great selection of songs, very talented. My Heart Will Go On, wow - nailed that. I never thought you'd be able to do something like that.

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