Man Thinks He's Destroying The Internet, Gets Arrested

After participating in a local neighbourhood square dance, a man in China apparently became worried that photos would end up online. [Image via Weifang]

According to several major Chinese news sites (here, here and here) and noted by The Nanfang, a man in Weifang became upset after photos were taken of him square dancing, an activity often enjoyed by older women. The man noticed people taking his photo and felt that he was being mocked.

Concerned about possible online humiliation, it seems, the man allegedly dismantled the local optical networks — you know, the actual physical internet, but not the whole internet. He has since been arrested for causing 100,000 yuan ($19,826) in damage.

[Image via Weifang]

Gotta feel for the dude, though. He should be free to square dance his heart out without being judged!

[Image via Weifang]

The Nanfang reports that it hasn't been able to locate photos of this particular dancing man (though, it adds there are numerous photos and videos of other square-dancing Chinese men). So, perhaps, mission accomplished?


    ... insert IT Crowd scene in here...

    Last edited 27/08/16 7:41 pm

    I love that the journalists still went to the effort to try and find those photos/videos. Poor guy, haha.

    This man is my hero.....

    Never let anyone tell you that something is impossible.....fairly sure that's the whole quote.

    Can't wait for someone to start vandalising all these stupid Nodes the government decided to build.

    Oh no! The internet's fallen on the ground.

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