Mario Stars In Olympics Closing Ceremony

With the Rio Olympics drawing to a close, Tokyo is up next in 2020. And to mark the occasion, Mario made a surprise appearance at the closing ceremony tonight, warp-piping from Japan to Brazil and transforming into ... Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Gif: Deadspin


Being chosen as your nation's cultural ambassador in front of the eyes of the world is quite the honour for the plumber. Though for every winner...


    This is what I mean when I say I don't like Nintendo Directs. This was the right amount of 'yeah, Olympic spirit' and 'national pride/what the country has contributed to the world'. Of course brands feature.

    That's the best ad for Nintendo I've seen since the one with Penelope Cruz in Mario garb. What.

      Of course someone finds something negative about it. They should have totally gone and used stereotypical mascots like Sydney did, amirite?,_Syd_and_Millie

        Yeah, I would of like:

        Personally, I still think it shoulda been Poida!

          I reckon we would have won more gold medals with that advice.

            Especially the HORSIE!!!!!!! One day, before I die, I pray to whoever, that someone does that lol

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              I'm just glad someone else remembers Full Frontal. That was the golden age of Australian television.

                Oh yeah mate, I was around 12 when Fast Forward first hit. Dad used to let me sit up and watch the rubbery puppets, they were hilarious lol.

      Fuck me you must be a hoot at parties Leigh.

        Wait back up. Apologies if that sounded at all like I was down on it.

        Seriously, I've read it back a dozen times now and swear I can't see myself saying anything that'd seem like I was negative about it.

        Best Nintendo Direct of all time. Hell. Best Nintendo E3 show of all time.

        EDIT: And another thing. Fatso the wombat is the best Olympic mascot of all time. I reserve the right to change my opinion once the Toyko games roll around.

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          Seriously, I've read it back a dozen times now and swear I can't see myself saying anything that'd seem like I was negative about it.You mean apart from "This is what I mean when I say I don't like Nintendo Directs"?



            Couldn't have said it better myself.

     are one highly confusing individual.

                I'll wear that.

                  The comment definitely sounds negative. Maybe a bit of context into that first sentence would help? What has you not liking Nintendo Directs got anything to do with the quality, and indeed product placement, of this Closing Ceremony experience? Hell what have Nintendo Directs got to do with it in the first place? Are you expecting more national pride/culture in Nintendo Directs?

                  Every time the closing ceremony happens, the country who next hosts the games parade around their major exports, hence why at the end of the the Beijing Olympics, England sent David Beckham round the stadium in a bus. I dont like his wife or her music in the slightest, but doesnt mean I have a problem with them showboating him around...

    So Japans cultural ambassador for the Olympics... is an Italian stereotype characture who takes performance enhancements to compete.

      i had to upvote that comment, its too funny and too true

    I was just talking about how amazing the Tokyo Olympics were going to be, then this happens. Genius!

    We're going to have 8k broadcasts, hatsune miku performing at the opening ceremony as a hologram, flying cars. It's going to be crazy in the best way possible when Japan goes all in.

      I bet it's still not even 1080p in Australia ?

        Other than 7 Mate, Seven's atrocious Rio coverage online and offline was exclusively in SD.

        Maybe we'll get HD (at least offline) by Tokyo.

          7mate is SD, the HD channel is a copy of the main channel,but only 720p. I didn't check online or app.
          Once agai it's another sporting event that Foxtel was 100 times better at, with 6 to 8 channels all in HD and with each event in the EPG so you could record each event you wanted.

          By then, we'll get it in 1080i, while the rest of the world enjoys it in glorious 4k lol

    Looking forward to seeing how the Sonic FB page reacts to this.

    Did I hear that right? In that first twitter video link.

    Super Merry-O?

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