Meet Godzilla Resurgence's Motion Capture Actor 

This is Mansai Nomura. He's a famed Japanese stage and film actor. He also did the CG motion capture for Godzilla Resurgence. [Image via mochiroh]

In a recent press conference, Nomura revealed he played the film's title character.

[Image: godzilla_jp]

Nomura does Kyogen, which is a comic style of theatre that is related to, but different from, Noh theatre.

[Image: godzilla_jp]

For Resurgence, Nomura was in charge of how Godzilla moved.

[Image via mochiroh]

As pictured in this AnimeAnime photo, it's going to hard to unsee how Nomura folds up his arms in Godzilla's little limbs.

[Image via AnimeAnime]


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