Metroid Fan Project Gets Hit With A DMCA Claim

Metroid Fan Project Gets Hit With A DMCA Claim

Only days after the full release of Project AM2R, a fan remake of Metroid 2, the makers have been forced to take the game offline thanks to — surprise — a DMCA claim.

The claim means the developers have had to stop hosting downloads to Project AM2R. The game uses the gameplay of Metroid: Zero Mission and blends it with Super Metroid, along with a host of modern updates.

Hopefully the DMCA notice turns out to be fake, but in the meantime the fan-made love letter to Metroid remains firmly offline. If you didn’t grab a copy of the Windows version before it was taken down, here’s a snippet of gameplay to let you know what you’re missing out on.


  • Seems a bit pointless now. It’s out there and it’s free so it’ll be redistributed no matter what happens to the developers. The only thing this stops is updates.
    I mean I understand why they shut this sort of harmless stuff down but they clearly missed the boat on that so why not just pretend to not notice it?

  • I’m glad I grabbed my copy last night. I was thinking of getting it this afternoon instead.

  • How can it be ‘fake’ if they already pointed the finger at Nintendo?

    EDIT: Putting this into a new sentence as well 🙂 It’s still up at the main site either way?

    EDIT 2 boogalo: Best controller for this game? I want to use my Wii U Pro controller. Failing that, DS4 pad.

    • They used a picture of the Xbox 360 controller on the “best played with a controller” screen. Make of that what you will.

  • These guys were smart, they waited until it was finished before announcing it. The second it was out there, it lives on the internet. Yeah, you have to torrent it, but they’ve already accomplished their goal.

    Much better then every idiot making their announcement months in advanced and getting killed.

    • That’s not true at all. They’ve been developing it since 2009, and you can still find the original videos from back then.

    • The weird thing is that the guy announced it in 2008. He’s been working on it since 2006. People even asked him in interviews if he was worried about Nintendo taking it down and he said that he’d been very public about it for years and never heard a word from them.

    • Well, despite what Pokedad revealed, that is the lesson in all of this.
      If you’re gonna infringe on someone’s IP with your fan project, sit on it until it’s done!

    • No they didn’t, it was all over their blog and their reddit. They just got lucky that it didn’t get picked up by Kotaku until it was released.

      But you’re correct about the strategy.

  • Even if it’s years or so before i get to it, I knew to download it asap because of this exact reason. Sucks to hear but Nintendo has all the right to do it and I’ll sit on their side when it comes to the internet’s shit fest.

  • Not only is this news old its wrong, This has nothing to do with the developers of the project, this is another website hosting the file. The original is still up as it always has been.

  • Lucky for me i have copy for this game,before taken down by N****** dmca piracy. hell those maniac is still to taken down…. didn’t respect fans!!!

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