Microsoft Blames Wikipedia For Bing Maps Putting Melbourne In The Sea

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If you searched on Bing maps last week for Melbourne, you would have instead been re-directed to a spot in the North Pacific Ocean, off the East coast of Japan.

How did this happen? Bing was using inaccurate information from Wikipedia, namely, Wikipedia didn't include the all-important South on the co-ordinates.

Ricky Brunditt, is a Senior Program Manager for Bing Maps, explained the situation to The Register's Simon Sharwood.

But Brunditt assures there's no need to be concerned that the mis-information directed someone into the sea instead the Victorian city.

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    Working as intended. I tend to think Melbournians should get in the sea at every opportunity

    My teachers at Uni would rip me a new one for using Wiki as a source. You'd think the boffins behind Bing would know better.
    On second thought....

      My teachers at Uni would rip me a new one for using Wiki as a source

      Because it's lazy. Use Wikipedia, it includes citations and sources. So you can get your information from Wiki and then cite the source they cite

    I like how Bing doesnt cross validate that information with any other data... its not like anyone can edit or change it

    Also given their reliance on wikipedia information, did they make donation to keep them afloat?

    That's what the government wants you to think. Really Melbourne is actually a flight capable land mass that decided to go on a jaunt to the North for a while before coming back to Australia.

      Why do I find that more believable than the actual explanation of Wikipedia?

      Ooh the fabled Laputa! It all makes sense now.

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